American Troops, North Korea, Beijing discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 08-21-2017 5AM ET


Live from npr news in washington i'm dave mattingly search teams are looking for ten navy sailors missing from the uss john mccain after it collided with an oil tanker that happened in the south china sea east of singapore the navy says the destroyer has significant damage to its hall and pr is anthony kyun says this is the second collision involving a pacific base navy ship in two months the guided missile destroyer uss us mccain was on who to singapore when it ran into a six hundred foot long oil and chemical tanker the ship belongs to the japanbased us seventh fleet which announced the incident the fleet said the us ship sustained damage on its port side the extent of the damage in the cause of the collision or under investigation last week the navy relieved the commanding officer of the navy destroyer uss fitzgerald of his duties he and several officers were held responsible for a june 17th collision with a tanker that killed seven crewmembers anthony khin npr news beijing several sailors aboard the ship were injured joint military exercises involving the us and south korea are underway the annual drills began today though continue for eleven days north korea as calling the exercises reckless president trump addresses the nation tonight about afghanistan and how the us military will proceed in that country over the weekend the president tweeted he'd reached a decision after reviewing options with his national security team a day earlier it's not clear if trump intends to send more american troops to afghanistan the pentagon proposes sending nearly four thousand additional us troops to help afghan forces deal with the taliban an isis linked militants.

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