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Getting swabs and then chasing. And, then, in my wildest dreams I wouldn't be dealing with the federal government who would literally then take the things that you secured and redistributes them for the country while you want it to be a country focus. Because it wasn't it meant that you were fighting? Frankly with other governors and FEMA to get the adequate supplies into your state, and now we're seeing it occur again because there was without any federal strategies, still now that you have these outbreaks, governors are in the same situation chasing down supplies and P P and trying to adequately cover their first responders is the most outrageous environment I've ever worked on worked in in my entire career. So now so now let's talk about the outrageous environment that you are working in in your state you will the press conference a believe last Thursday, where you said the trans quote are going in the wrong direction. What what's the latest data from your state and what's driving them? So two things we believe. That we were, we flattened the curve early we did have some significant issues in the northwestern part of the State Jonathan I think it's pretty well known in the country of folks like the Navajo nation that are dealing with really critical issues one. You've got people living in very remote areas without running water or electricity to they're not near any healthcare services largely supplied also by the federal government to they're dealing with the tri state region with very different rules very different testing strategies, very different sort of resource developed states. And then the third thing is They have a sicker population. They have incredible poverty and chronic disease issues again largely failure of federal government, and I can tell you that I see incredible leadership by the Navajo nation, but early on I signal on a warm to the white. House, that we need to do something specific in Indian country and more specific to the Navajo nation because they are so at risk and I couldn't get kind of tristate..

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