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Said, of course segment of its biggest rocket reintroduce atmosphere above the Maldives, and most of it burned up early because of the uncontrolled re entry of the 23 Ton 10 story. Tall rocket, Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell tweeted, an ocean re entry was always statistically, the most likely it appears China one. It's gamble, but it was still reckless. The Chinese rocket carried the main model of the country's first permanent space station into orbit on April 29th. I'm Julie Walker. AP News for Friday May 7th I'm Tim McGuire. A down report shows 266,000 new jobs added last month, prompting calls by some for the Biden administration to end the weekly federal unemployment payments. See AP Saga Began. E. The president says the $1.9 trillion virus relief bill has the nation on the right path, removing more rapidly than I thought we would. But opponents say part of the package is actually hurting employment with expanded benefits like a $300 weekly check, giving the jobless a reason to stay home instead of work. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki says. That's not the case. We're seeing little evidence that enhance unemployment benefits are currently impacting are affecting Americans willingness to work. Still, the U. S Chamber of Commerce wants the payments to end immediately, and the weak job growth could stiff it. GOP resistance to the president's next big push for a massive infrastructure bill. Saga room AGONY Washington The administration's cracking down on ghost guns have proposed rule from the Justice Department would broaden the definition of a firearm, requiring some gun making kits to include a serial number. They're right wing Republican backers of former President Donald Trump stage a rally at a retirement community in central Florida, Florida Congressman Matt Gates. We send a strong message to the week establishment in both parties. America first isn't going away. We're going on to her controversial Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene also taken part in the gathering. Federal investigators are looking into sex trafficking allegations and whether Gates paid women and an underage girl in exchange for sex. They're also looking into whether Gates and associates tried to secure government jobs for some of the women. Green was stripped of her congressional committee assignments following Social Media post expressing racist views and absurd conspiracy theories. This is AP News Restaurant idea, based on a popular eatery model from the middle of last century, making a comeback in New York and Donahue has more. The food is in Cubbies and you pick out what you want. Stratis Morfogen, owner of the Brooklyn Dumpling House in New York, brought back the auto mats. What I wanted to do is have the whole concept, the whole guest experience. Controlled by your smartphone. Restaurants have been struggling during the pandemic. Morph again, says auto mats will save jobs in the long run. My grams with Taco Bell likes the idea. Some of it's for safety, and I want to contact with experience for other people. It's just want to be left alone and go do my thing in its time square Cantina Taco Bell has what it calls Cubbies morph again, says Cubbies alone won't work that is as good as the food. If your food is not on point You will fail more. Fagin says he's already sold almost 100 franchise options. I'm Ed Donahue. I'm timid Wire AP News Musician Lloyd Price has died of complications from diabetes at a long term facility in New Rochelle, New York, according to his wife. He was 88 I marches are a letter with a look at his career. Lloyd Price was known for songs like Stagger Lee Lawdy, Miss Claudie and Personality. But he was so much more price credited being stationed in the U. S Army with a bunch of lawyers for his ability to read contracts because dude That he found a double L records help stage the Thrilla in Manila and rumble in the jungle heavyweight prize fights, ran construction businesses and sold his own food products. Plus, as he said in 2011, he was a really good bowler. 73 Million Bowl is a year. And only 2% ever shut 300. I got six happened. Coronavirus Update. I'm Ben Thomas within a P news minute. The numbers continue to head in the right direction in the US Johns Hopkins University's tally Sunday morning shows newly confirmed covert 19 cases at less than 35,000 in the past 24 hours. More than 600 deaths were recorded during that period, and the U. S toll is now more than 581,000 people on NBC's Meet the press president Biden's chief medical advisor, Dr Anthony Fauci, says Cove It is far from gone, but the country appears to be getting a handle on things if we get 70% of the people vaccinated By the Fourth of July. Name, the one single dose and even more there after you may see blips, but if we handle them well, it is unlikely that you'll see the kind of surge that we saw in the late fall and the early winter. Meanwhile, India is trying to vaccinate million's admitted devastating wave of infections. AP correspondent Charles Dillon Asthma The bond for vaccination is surging in India, with people standing in long lines outside centers around the country. New Delhi medical officer would serve, Singh says numbers have doubled in the recent period. Vaccinating 106.

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