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This jj radic here to talk to you about the jj redick podcast part of the ringer podcast network currently i play in the nba for the philadelphia seventy sixers but you may know me my previous teams the la clippers milwaukee bucks and the orlando magic or from my college days duke university being professional basketball player i have a great opportunity to talk a lot of interesting people and the podcast is a place where i can share those conversations with you listener on my show i sit down with athletes celebrities and a variety of other special guests you haven't already please subscribe to the podcast on apple podcast stitcher spotify or wherever else you get your podcasts or second topic david liked to call just 'cause the conviction of bill cosby on three counts of sexual assault don't laugh serious story just took me a minute to get the headlight conviction of bill cosby on three chasm sexual assault last week offered a measure of justice if a tiny and utterly insufficient one given the amount of terror cosby has been accused of it also sent me back to the rural journalist played and setting these in motion one that's fairly different i think than the one journalist played in the harvey weinstein and bill o'riley cases let us review shall we go right ahead yeah february twenty fourteen this is right after dylan farrow's letter about woody allen ray been published a nick kristoff blog in the times tomsk ohka writes this piece for rip gawker called who wants to remember bill cosby's multiple sex assault accusation yes and his answer as he goes through it is nobody group basically nobody wanted to live in a world where bill cosby was a sexual predator it was too much to handle dot dot dot the whole thing had been in it remained something walled off from our collective understanding of bill cosby.

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