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The bathroom for those. That didn't watch it. Jordan and fellow north anna vernon kay win to the bathroom and pumped it up together. Ready here we go. We go day. Hi dr oh go on. And then then they then they moved into doing the bit of dome sing much discussion about the dancing they did the mecca ach com. What is it courageous. That was jordan's idea was the macarena node had suggested that they will get up and move about. It's sort of turned into some sort of weird exercise video whether all just doing is a lovely it due time what. I didn't actually know what that was to answer the. Oh you've never walked rocky horror picture. Show i said that one that reference went over my and then we had jordan in beverley callard love in that continued as jordan confess that he used to watch beverly callard's workout videos vicariously probably imagined it. He was sort of as a child peeping over the sofa or seat. Say not watching. His mother were count to two counts workout videos. And i haven't text wendy north to see if she did. Have those those videos and would you like to know what the answer was. I would absolutely love to hear it. This is strength from the whole mouth. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Wendy she says yet do wendy's does voice. Is that fair. I mean jordan on your mom's voice once or twice in put gas. I'd suggest yes. Yes but the difference between the voice. I'm about to do and the voice. That jordan does a fine mother is that mine is startling league. Closer to reality than jordan's voice of my mother. I'm going to say. I mean. I disagree with that but we haven't got time get on with the text. Yes i did. Actually i go over zealous one day with my washing tumble dry and the workout. Kit was sent to ryan to do. Jesus epa exam with my leopard print leotard. And i had his skull shorts to work out with bev. Hey was notified. I wasn't best-placed pdf. Well this still rate. She did also add that. All of the north's are super proud of jordan. As i think everybody that we know is as well hashtag kept behind jordan. Everyone's involved say once loving the beverley callard dance routine with with loss of information about leotards and exactly where it got two in the charts which didn't really understand that bit jordan admitted that actually. He missed mo farris crowning moment. Perhaps the reason that mo- farrow is indeed on the program jordan as always completely this relieved. You just said the only reason that fires on the program. One of the most accessible athletes fulltime alec north that jordan. How how can you pick out so many stories about this random. He's a story forever conglomeration of celebrities. He's just pose out the back images. Super saturday i equally was teaching a residential course through who chinese and cheshire. So i missed it too. Which is why jordan and i are friends and i was pushing trolleys at tesco that night. I miss them. I miss the most of islam. I had no idea what was going on until i went home. Decided to treat myself to a chinese takeaway and on this tv on the cabinet was greg rutherford. I think one of the goals on super saying he was jumping for for gold as it turned out. So we've all got our own stories. We all didn't watch it but jordan's probably the best. Because he could actually tell about intrigue off off. He went taken with shane. Richie to do the viper volts and giovanni commented. That jordan is so full of fear. He was full of fear before we actually even left the confines of the camp and this when he started shake as anton deck explained the trial struggling to actually take in and understand the instructions. That is when i didn't know how to fail. I didn't know whether to think wow jordan. This is going to be the making if you to jordan. Be back on certain listens problems by the end of the week. I didn't quite know how to feel. I was conflicted yet. It was i mean. I don't think much conflicted. I was just really quite scared for him. At that point. I mean how did wonder is a chicken and egg situation whether the shaking was because he didn't understand the instructions all the other way round but is getting some attacks. My mom text me before the show started saying that she was worried for jordan. Seeing everything going on off say anton instagram stories. If you didn't say had said this was possibly the best trial from twenty series of the show which is saying something so. We're all just absolutely just enthralled waiting to see what what happened in those volts. Did you pick up the point where he was then talking to shane and an today and his voice started to go. I did that was what it was. It was hard join i. That's a very deep meaningful conversations over the years. But i've never actually heard his voice go where he's about to break down in tears and that was that was it was. It was a difficult. Watch as i as. I was for for a lot of his friendship circle as well he. He became paler and paler and to the point where. It's not often that between out of will the three of us. The jordan is the palest you are normally away suspiciously tend. I am normally three sheets nicer than death but not not. Tonight's jordan was casper. The friendly ghost is a great comparison. Yeah he was extremely pyo shaking beyond belief and like he wasn't going to start it. I think the the issue for jordan was the they said if one of you says Out of hidden explosively. I think that it was. Shane can get five. And i i will just saw. I can't do this because this is absolutely two of my worst fears. Maybe maybe that would have happened. I don't know i think jordan. Probably.

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