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The global economy is of course global so we are checking in with people globally for our series what's up what's up what's up world the world for today's installment we are calling Marrakech Morocco where things are in lockdown since March the twenty you serve hello how are you this is kai result in Los Angeles thank you for taking the time to talk to us today you're welcome my pleasure use of Bubba's owns a grocery store in Marrakech took it over from his dad about six years ago lots of tourist traffic he says also locals and businesses ninety percent of my customers are restoring houses and calculation under the other ten percent took local customers who who live actually in the area and they'll come and make their by in once a month so I asked him what the last two and a half months have been like I mean the authority is carted by shutting down schools Dan restoran then mark then all of a sudden just came like that be at the hotels and guest houses our business is depend so much on and three of them that he had no choice but to shut down to there are you are you going to be able to make it I mean if shut down since March the twentieth right April may it's nine something weeks it also includes the end of the end of Ramadan or are you going to be able to get by do you think well when I was told was good for me even now closing down the store in order to get you know charges and then I have to work things out you know and think of other strategy if there like eleven people or you know changing you know the way the store managers that the most important thing for me is now was to survive you know it's corrected yeah you said you took the store over from your father right yeah about six seven years ago yes so what does your father think about everything that's going on what actually because I'm living with my parents and well hidden really open about everything you know and I mean honestly would be into like a similar situation before my Daddy was about you know to close the shop that's when I showed up and hear them out thanks a lot I kind of familiar with the the the situation or like your house is now they're closed the restaurant difficult enough to get back to business when I compare myself to them but I'm lucky but I'm pretty confident I'll bring confident that we can we gonna make for good I hope you do use of both of us he's a he's a grocer in.

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