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There's a lot of bad blood between them but it's not because he spins something in a way and this masterful about if anything he's ever having a really hard time spinning back right like he came out as a loser. He's not the master spin in something. In one way that guy harvey from tmz could be considered the master of spin. Yes i would agree with that also. I just want to put it out there. I don't think women is about. I don't think so right now. I don't think so either but there are rumors going around. I think there was like jim. Lob lines that like scooter seton will. There were all those messages about him and erica. Jane remember okay. It feel like that's also irrelevant to this story. It is but i just wanna say couple hasn't work. It doesn't work for me at all. So i want to say message. Charged fifties Scooter but like i don't really. I really feel weird. Maybe it's just 'cause i'm a child of divorce. I don't like the weird like parading and celebrating a family. You tell you what it is making. Tell you what it is. What's going on between scooter. And taylor is business yes this is scooters personal life. Yeah and. I don't think that they should be acquainted acquainted and against one. Another hundred business. Were to suffer like the guy you guys do business like when it has to do with his personal life i i think it's irrelevant and i think it's just like immature like make fun of it. So yes i won't. I'm hoping they can work it out me as well and by the way one more thing we know about taylor she a hopeless romantic like even with people she hates. I don't think you'll be wishing divorce upon people you know i do but again. It has nothing to do with taylor. It has nothing to do with taylor. Even she was wishing. That's not how divorce work. It's just very hard when you're like a really invested fifty to speak on scooter braun without literally mentioning her name in every sentence. That is my personal cross to berry..

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