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Send me videos of my little girl didn't make it but you just gotTa know what fill in the blank. Thank Mentor Way Bigger paycheck. It's astonished that is that's beautiful. You guys saw the documentary. You're certainly aware of it and yeah yeah animated. Yeah it was so Mr Suskind right. Yes yes I was just doing. Some New York with the Autism shine a light on autism Whatever the autismspeaks and yeah I had seen A Life Life automated. And isn't it interesting now. How many people we see on the autism spectrum at these conventions that come up I notice that yeah? Yeah Incredible Gilbert. I can't get enough of it and often children. You know like twenty-five or thirty year old children who are struggling with autism issues. I've had more than a half dozen experiences where a loved one will come up to me and say here's my brother. He's about ten or twelve people down in line and he's he's really struggling because often there they have issues with stimulus over being overshadowed. But I'll be damned. That young man will stand there a young woman and really struggling ruling but they gotta talk to Pinky. It's what or Yoga. Whatever it is that gets them out of their head and they're willing to go through that and drive hours stand in line and they come up there shaking not from nervousness to see you shaking from their phobia or whatever it is A man you you open your mouth and IAGO comes out and it just evaporates and Rick and magical and they know my career better than I do every episode. Yeah you know the time code. They know what you were at the audition they know everything. Yeah and they're outerly dedicated and I can only imagine you know being a parent. Oh my God if my kid wanted to talk to IAGO and I knew Gill was going to be. I would do do whatever it took to get my baby there because that person will never forget it and so I you know it's just a it's a cool thing to be part of this whole experiment alumni. I was I. I was in New York a few years ago and I went to children's hospital. You know just like you just touch base and do some voices and draw pictures and this big Chubby guy with a Mickey Mouse. L. Shirt comes over to me and he goes the APP and the Dome it and I said I said I don't do Mickey Mouse but I know him. Yeah yeah he goes by kid. LOVES MICKEY MOUSE. I said can I call him and say my God you Buffalo. I forgot that there was a time difference between it was nine o'clock in the morning six so I called Wayne and I got roussy Minnie mouse Minnie. Mouse were married in real. Yes I remember I met. He said she said listen. Wayne still sleeping sleeping well. He settled for many many men task. Mickey Mouse is asleep and he goes. Yeah that's fine. Give me give me some time to get some coffee. I said Greg Call you back back thirty minutes. Put Her on speaker now. This boy had a deformity of his face and he was never surgery. Didn't speak and she gets on the phone and he is just giddy and he's smiling he's making noises and the parents are crying and I'm crying and I hung up the phone and I invited invited the father to my one man show that night because they had this hospital roussy calls me later on and says nobody knows this wanes not well Oh yeah it. It wasn't sleeping. He's not well. Let me tell you what you just did for this. I'm just I'm going back to where I really generous community. And and it's and and the parents and the never never will forget it. Never it's just it is blazoned in their psyche and I have had people come over to me showing me pictures of their children who passed away and thanking me anchor and and and it is impossible so to to express for me anyway. How what that means to me it is it? Look I love my Gig and I love making a living. But that's way bigger than a paycheck. You Bet it's way bigger than an action. Figure or rating point is a deep connection that people make after their children have left and they will never forget Yago. That's an extra payment you guys getting. Yes friend Paul Williams calls that heart payment. Oh God Lilly. He's a gas asa end and it's like with life animated where I helped like a son and his family speak to each other which I thought how. Oh the hell do that. And and you never in a million years when you got that Gig with thought you know. He's going to be coolest Disney. It's a big deal. It turned out to be a very big deal. But the You know as Paul mentioned. They're happy payment or the payment. You never would have known that. And the fact that we're in this this time now where we can do podcasts. Nice folks like you can have bobby and beyond we can share these stories. It's it's the best part about about being successful quote unquote it is the absolute embodiment of paying it. Forward and also it's effortless. It's just joyful. Yeah love it. Don't you guys in some sense. We talked about this with Dawes. And Bob don't you WANNA pay it forward in some ways to not that you'd nature but also because of the mentors that you had listened. Listen properly taught especially Bob. Well I had people I had I had ause. I had Casey Kasem in my head people who held my hand and I was the the the I I was the kid and I remember saying Casey. Why are you doing this? And he said because you're going to promise to do it again do it over and over and over again. It's one of the reasons. I teach the the reasons that you know. We go to lessen before these fan conventions we didn't even know people watch this. Of course you know you guys are watching because we picked up so we working but we didn't know how people were affected but you had remarkable experiences with the best of the best. I've been very very fortunate now. But you know I think we have a very very generous community but doss said to me dummy would casey sediment. You're going to promise me that you'll keep paying it forward as well and I do and he does. Yeah it's joyous always approached me. His that Mel Blanc was training his son. Noel No MHM to be a voice over to take over the family business and never I I don't know that it ever worked I I mean. I've only worked with Noel once years ago on a tiny toon as well. That's okay so so he. That was his first job. Is that right. Dad died and Knows got to be close to eighty now easily. I think he's in his eighties. Yeah Yeah I know that I remember I was before I moved to La. I was in Cincinnati. I wanted to porky pig turning on the TV. And there's Mel Blanc with his son. I'm saying my son is going to take over and I was like well. That's that and and I think the bottom line is that was his dad's dying wish. Son Do this so I think. Is that this Gill the sweet thing is that his dad left us thinking that his son was gonNA take over and that's all they counts. Yeah yeah I I mean knows. He had some some good voices this. I don't know if he had two chops. Nobody is Mel Blanc. Oh my God none of us are it. Takes half a dozen people and replace them and even if even those of us that are consistently working none of us will ever be or sound a thing like Mel Blind and an original. I'm just like you said I think that's the best way to look at it. As Mr Blank was comfortable that his son was going to do what he requested and I I never worked with them. And what what did no do. I don't know I do know what he did. He was he he he ran blank. Communications and from the sixties on. Oh great no orleans stuff. No Blank Gary Gary Owens and Mel Blanc had a company and they produced commercials hundreds of thousands of commercials. No kidding yeah. Wow because I know about when when you listen to is the radio classics on Sirius. Satellite Radio Jack. Benny's Yes yes. Isn't that the greatest one Mel shows up as a you know a car frigging genius. You guys all you audience glisten to it. It's incredible incredible. These are from the thirties.

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