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Early seventies even though the equal rights amendment had been around for about fifty years She really claims she wasn't aware of it. She didn't was not aware of any massive movement behind it and it wasn't until she says a friend says. Hey you should check out this whole. Era Thing you might be interested in it that she reads it and like all of the light bulb go off above her head and she says a Ha- here is the enemy and for those of you not familiar with the era. As I really wasn't until doing research kristoff mom never told you. It was first introduced in Nineteen twenty-three by Alice Paul at the Seneca Falls Convention and the era which would have been the twenty seven th amendment if it had gone through it's very simple and its language it just states equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. So essentially it would render gender-based discrimination illegal on a federal or state level across the board and people today say that if the IRA had been passed and had been ratified. I should say that. H- cobbling together. That women have to do today between title nine and other state laws and stuff like that it. There would not be any of this. Maneuvering around that we would have to do in light of gender-based or a sexual discrimination. Because era would've just in very simple language accounted for all of that but not gonNa let that happen even though. The era was widely supported like across the Aisle by Democrats and Republicans alike. Yeah women men ever like. Yeah sure. Of course even George Wallace from Alabama. Who was about as racist as they come was chill with the IRA. Yeah I know because I think a lot of people saw it as like well. We already have language in these other. Various laws and amendments. That you know. We shouldn't discriminate against women like sure. Why not throw this on the pile? Yeah I think it was seen as as kind of not toothless but just like acceptable this to the lady. Yeah let them have. Let them have it not having it was all SHLEF and in Nineteen seventy-two. She writes about it in the Schlafly. Report dedicates a whole issue to it and this is what starts the anti feminist campaign against the era and boy did she have some ideas about what that simple sentence really meant. Oh God oh God yes. She said that the era was going to eliminate sex segregated public restrooms. We still hear that panicked today. The way it's going to force women into the draft D were. Wasn't that just in the news. It's going to dissolve sex crime laws. I got nothing. It's going to remove men's financial responsibilities to be breadwinners Or the pairs of child support. Oh more women are becoming breadwinners these days and she basically considered women as we as we touched on earlier in the episode. She basically considered women to be this privileged protected class who would lose those privileges and protections if the era went through and that's why my brain was just collapsing last night as I was researching this stuff. Because it's like but if we if we're protected under the law through the ER A in the way that the spells out we won't have to worry about these so-called privileges and protections and what. I would call benevolent sexism. Oh Yeah but if you aren't stoking worry and fear. How are you going to start this movement? Pece LAUGH GOING TO GALVANIZE. Her Gal and galvanized the Gal. She does because the subscriptions to her newsletter. Shoot up from about three thousand to thirty five thousand. Thanks to all of this fierce joking that she does not only among women like herself. You know good Catholic housewives but also among the Evangelical Christian Housewives Ladies Ladies Ladies. We have a lot to worry about in terms of losing those cushy lives that we know and this is something that I read all the time in stuff. I'm never told you. Youtube comments from men's rights activist. -I trolls who claim feminists are just victimizing themselves because in piche laughs terms. Like you're a privileged class people. Take you out for dinner. You get discounts. Happy hours and you know you have affirmative action. You'll get whatever you want if you paid me equally. Then maybe I wouldn't need a discount exactly for your happy hour man and this the thing is though she's starting this she kind of asserting it out of her garage. She's writing her newsletter. She sending it out. It's very grass roots and that becomes really the source of her political influence. And it's her brand. Yeah Oh yeah. It's only your brand. The piece left brand is all about the grassroots. She has this newsletter base largely comprised of fellow conservative housewives and once she stirs them up they start fundraising they start sending out mailers they start hosting anti era press conferences and importantly lobbying their state legislatures. They would go carrying loaves of homemade banana. Bread and Appolos and things like that little goodies and deliver them to all of the politicians who were going to vote on the era that day and say Oh we don't we don't need that. Good Sir. Have a little apricot. What was in the bread? Did they put something? In drugging their legislators and then Phyllis teams up with North Carolina Democratic. Senator Sam Ervin. No relation in the past couple generations at least Who OPPOSED THE R? A. And this allows her whole stop Yar a movement to cross party lines. Yeah And keep in mind too that in one thousand nine hundred ninety three just a year after Schlafly starts going after the Era Roe. V Wade happens and so this is of course during up even more angst among conservatives so then in nineteen seventy five we see her take her success with developing this stop. Era Group and transitioning it into the Eagle Forum and this is essentially the women's auxiliary of the conservative right wing Contingent of the Republican Party at the time And the Eagle Forum which was twenty thousand strong. In nineteen seventy five lobbied politically lobbied four conservatism alongside sister groups like how happiness of women and a wear which stood for. American women are richly endowed. Phyllis is beside herself. Although I don't know if you could describe someone who is as cool calm and collected as Phyllis ever beside herself because she's very calculating she knows what she's doing. Yeah Oh for sure. And so her major beef though with the growing contingent of feminists in the US. It is all about how they are messing with the natural order of things that goes back to her assertion that feminists are trying to destroy the family. Yeah so in one thousand nine hundred four Shiro one of many columns in which she says. Feminism is incompatible with human nature. The premise of the feminists is that God goofed in making us two. Different sexes and that our laws should remedy his misset mistake. And I guess okay. I'm GonNa make this a little personal for a second like I guess. That's why so many of her arguments and similar arguments. Don't make sense to me because I am not a person who is religious or Has God as a former very inappropriate boss of mine said To me one time so like things like that. Don't make sense to me saying that. There is a natural order in the way that the biological sexes half to be or the genders have to be. Yeah and I'm sitting here across from you not surprised at all because a large part of my childhood was spent in Evangelical Churches and while the passers weren't railing against feminism. Every Sunday there was definitely concern particularly the homosexual agenda because that definitely violated in quotes nature. And so that's like a whole other aspect of right wing activism and pushes behind their politics that that I simply as a person on the left do not have because I just. It's not part of my world view but it was it so shaped hers. Oh definitely I mean. And and part of that too is attached to her a familiar distaste for east coast elitists and Liberals and one thing that she really goes on and on about in a choice on an echo is how Barry Goldwater is the person you should vote for because he has simple ideas simple solutions whereas LBJ and all these Liberal Democrats they just have these convoluted theories and bureaucratic structures and they just want to muck everything up whereas you know it's just it's just nature. It's just man and wife. It's this and that you know it's a very black and white worldview and that's a it's a similar thing that we see today where there is this distaste among right wing right wing conservatives for non simplistic answers because that challenges their worldview in a terrifying way and I mean I also say this from the perspective of being very cognizant even at a young age of how a lot of the rhetoric political rhetoric that I heard in conservative churches that my parents attended was just so fierce stoking. You could feel it in the room you know and it was powerful enough to get schlafly where she wanted to go and in addition to her argument about feminism being incompatible with human nature she also kind of suggested that feminism was out to replace husbands with government. Big Brother Right. So look at you dumb feminist. You're just trying to get rid of the home. Get rid of the family structure. Get rid of the husband who can provide for you. They can be the breadwinners if you just let them but instead you want to get rid of all that and have the government give to you. Have the government be your breadwinner and your husband. Accept Welfare and public assistance and things like that and it doesn't sound like a frustrated just out of college phyllis who can't get a a job in the government because big brother has saved all the other jobs for other brothers essentially And in the way she puts it though in one column it might have been the same Same column from Nineteen ninety-four She She she uses sarcasm in rhetorical questions a lot so she sneers needed job. Big Brother will get you an affirmative action quota position. You don't meet the physical requirements. Big Brother will gender norm the test results and give you a high score not satisfied with your salary. The comparable Worth Commission will order your employer to give you a raise and if you WANNA promotion the Glass Ceiling Commission will force your employer to give it to you. So it's just this idea that we are making up these problems and through this group of kingmakers. We you know the government. Then establishes these committees that just You know give magically give women raises. Well I mean all of her rhetorical questions. There go back to her. Emphatic assertion that there is no such thing is this patriarchy. That oppresses women. That women are not oppressed and then her assertions are directly tied to today's conversations around women are making themselves victims. Well and this next quote about how she describes the relationship between feminism and the federal government is still reminiscent of what you here today among women against feminism and or anti-feminist. Whichever way you want to put it where she says. Our societal policy should be to let women make their own decisions about marriage and career without the interference of taxpayer funded Gender Equity Federal busybodies. Well so she's trying to have both at the same time you know. She's trying to to say that. We don't need feminism. But not because we don't want the best for women but just because we don't think that anyone should be telling women what to do. So isn't feminism telling women what to do and so that's why you know women's shouldn't be for feminism and yes it does make you and I do mean you care and myself want to slowly bang our heads against the desk and Ditto Betty for Dan and many other. You know second wave feminist of the day all Betty Yeah Teflon Phyllis managed to infuriate frequent debate. Opponent Betty for Dan to the point where Betty told her that she should burn at the stake. Yeah and lists the troll loved? It loved it. Oh yeah because she was like Oh. I'm so glad you said that because it just goes to show how nasty you feminists are. And of course. Schlafly had her opinions about Betty for Dan as well. She said I reject all her ideology. She said I reject all her ideology most of it based on the absurd notion that the home is a comfortable concentration camp and the suburban housewife is oppressed by her husband and by society and she loved calling feminist fat ugly and unlikable. Which again. I'm telling you like reading about laugh is just kind of like reading about Donald Trump and a lot of ways isolated. Tv shows. Yeah it goes back to my college geology class in which we were talking about feminism and a fellow student of Mine and I've told her on the Pike House before but a fellow classmate Raised her hand and basically said but if we like men and want to get married. Shouldn't we not agree with any of this stuff? And it's like washing sound is point completely going over your head 'cause yeah like the worst thing to some people is to be considered or just called fat or ugly or unlikable. Oh indefinitely talking about the seventies our society is still I would not say woke but it was certainly less woke in the seventies but as much as I really hate to keep quoting Phyllis schlafly. Because it's never a pleasant thing that you will have to say I do think it's worth highlighting a few of her positions on feminist issues. Yes she didn't think that marital rape was thing nope she said by getting married. The woman has consented to sex. And I don't think you can call it rape on sexual harassment. No big surprise. She needed Anita Hill and she just thought that that woman was just raking that honorable. Clarence Thomas over the coals unnecessarily because she's a feminist and was just sad that he wouldn't take her out on a date so on sexual harassment. Schlafly said quote non-criminal sexual harassment on the job is not a problem for the virtuous woman except in the rarest of cases. Yes so insert victim blaming here. Well if you're a virtuous woman you should have nothing to worry about. What were you wearing exactly and domestic violence. She said that when marriages are broken by false allegations of domestic violence. Us taxpayers four up an estimated twenty billion a year to support the resulting single-parent welfare dependent families. And I'm like that's your concern.

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