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B Let US news and talk at 10 o'clock I'm Jennifer Griffis Live in the WSB 24 hour news Center would tell us these top story this hour. Hurricane Zeta is battering the Mississippi Gulf Coast with a dangerous storm surge. Here's meteorologist Jeff Barry Delhi as we head through the next couple hours. The strongest winds going right along the coast ofthe Mississippi because a lot of folks are exposed to the wind. We'll see Windows over 100 Miles an hour is a system continues to move to the north. Meantime, there has been a death The first death of the hurricane of Hurricane Zeta 55 year old man was electrocuted by downed power lines in Louisiana right now, 71 degrees in Atlanta. Tropical storm conditions coming tonight and in the morning clearing by the afternoon, though high 78 Atlantis. Most accurate in dependable forecast is coming up top local news every 30 minutes and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it Channel to meteorologist Brad Knit says they're still a few hours away before we can start to feel the impact of hurricanes data in the WSB Storm Center. I'm Channel two action news meteorologist Brad in its tropical storm warning in effect for metro Atlanta as tropical storm force winds were talking winds 40 to 50 gusting occasionally higher than that. So 50 mile an hour winds can knock down trees, especially with a soggy ground. And we're gonna have 2 to 3 isolated four inch rainfall totals in a flash flood watch in effect in the WC Storm Center. I'm Channel two action news meteorologist Brad in its strong winds could lead to a widespread power outages across the state crews with both Georgia power in Georgia's E. M. Cesaire standing by for what could be widespread salvages with saturation of the ground and with the high winds coming in from the tropical storm. Trees could bottle and when trees fall, That could mean power lines come down Georgia powers, Alison Gregory tells me, crews will be ready to begin dealing with any outages once wins, drop below 30 MPH, and it's safe to do so I am Seas have crews ready from South Carolina and Tennessee ready to respond in the event there needed Sandra Parish 95.5 double USB. Many Metro Atlanta school systems also closed because of the storms for a complete list. You can go to our website at WSB radio dot com. There is a George Connection to what's being called the largest telemarketing scam of its kind targeting the elderly. It's a $300 million magazine subscription scam. 60 people from 14 States, including Georgia are defendants in the scam that investigators say had some victims hang over $1000 a month in subscriptions. According to court documents using lists of magazine subscribers, elderly victims were tricked into signing up for more subscriptions. One victim gave her credit card information to one telemarketer just to get the person to stop calling her daily. Chris Camp 95.5 WSB news time is 10 03 and I'm dropping my McDonalds order for me, Please Price and I know your story with Bobbi MacDonald and humor me for a limited time just waiting for details. Orioles traded her mother's international group under licence. Are you registered to vote this year? Yep. I'm registered. Well, you should vote. Yes. On Amendment one. You know what that's about, Right? Well, tell me more about it. So right now, politicians make back room deals to choose who they represent. Instead of us, the voters choosing them. That's partisan. Jerry Mandarin. Wait, So they're choosing what's best.

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