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I'm not really big on that sort of thing i don't like giving anybody my private keys it's always a risk larger the absolutely i mean it's kinda like you know you don't wear underwear on the outside of your pants don't give people you're product keys is don't do it but if if you want to you can at this point because you will only be risking your bitcoin cash you moved your bitcoin away from those addresses of it in the bitcoin bought chain there's nothing to be had so if you're going to do that any followed this procedure euro k and now you've got your bitcoin cash and you have your bitcoin secured so to reiterate move your bitcoin from the addresses where they were on august first two new addresses step to import those private keys into your bitcoin cash wallet step three prophet got her it coin cash tokens go do what you're going to do with them versus the bull says it is it is at heart defy the addresses the rain after transferring the bit bitcoin or of him most wallets will let you export your private keys aaliyah regardless of whether they have balance or not both it there might be a wallet out there were there's a problem on and if there is a wallet where this is a problem they're getting lots and lots of sport calls at this point the pressure of a soul says the we'll sell.

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