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Fm to get started all my god. We have another person in here. Welcome to the game tadpole with chase and paschel guests. Albertine was actually did. Because i was like by the way. We're a bunch of weirdos. Hopefully you can deal with us. Yeah nuts it's okay. It's okay even if this is the last time that this will make it the best your experiencing. That's because we we made it happen. That's all well What we will be making happen. Atlas this show is nothing but gaming the apps so this week well actually. This is the release of mario in his golfing super She is alive mushrooms right now. He's destroying things and now the game is now. People have feelings about ideal. I'll be. I don't know if you're switch game. I'd only occasionally when. Like when i when i meet somebody that has one in like hey to check it out arca. Then have you played this The new the new ones super mario. Oh i senior played. I have not played it yet but when i saw i i will. I will be the one to educate you bill. Those i did play it. In fact i i i bought a i on digital download and see at so may brother has switch to but since i had on digital download by i was like man you know either i have him take my switch and then hired in his room every night so i have to go in and look for it or get him his own version so that way. We're all happy. And that's why. I ended up doing so i paid a hundred and twenty dollars for meyer gulf super arash and he did in verse me so it wasn't like a full hundred twenty but i did nevertheless i did pay full price and then some pay full price but we'll be talked about because it was a rookie..

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