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Several beautiful shops now they do the special event called pie with authors so the invited us to combine talk about the cookbook and dr '86 this project and a lot of other things and it was a really fun night i got to have a slice of their macho custardpie which i absolutely love and some pink citre i think it was bad seed citre medium blanking on the name but it was really really good and i always love seeing those do and we got to meet lots of members of the bomb squad like my i'm maya papaya who i only knew from instagram and i finally got to meet maya thank you for coming by and then lauda from eat sheikh chocolates that's the name of the brand eat sheikh chocolates came by and she brought us some presence which we always love and she brought me these pink white chocolate not butter cups they were stuff with almond butter and cherry she a jam and i know that sounds crazy so again it was pink white chocolate stuffed with almond butter and charied shia jam and i was like it's all weird but i love peanut butter cups more than anything well there are other things they'll live more than that but that's pretty high on my list and i try these two things i drive the two peanut butter the two cups that were in there and i was like i think a lot of made these just for me they were that good so lauda thank you we really appreciate you coming by and and bringing us those goodies and dads and melissa and emily for hosting the evening so what else we have a special event tonight are one of the guests on today's show is drill guy she is the author of the new cookbook black girl baking and she will be at smith canteen tonight in carol gardens brooklyn from five to seven signing her book and we will talk to her uh in about twenty thirty minutes so um hang on if you want to hear from durrell but right now we're going to talk to our first guest so nothing in your closet what about your pantry how about a banana peel jumpsuit or frilly fennel frond frock the artist gretchen roars set the internet on fire when she started mixing her funny face era sketches with pictures of fru.

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