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Crossfire, Investigators said today. They determined that baffle police officer Jonathan Shoop was shot and killed by his own partner during a gun battle with the suspect. Monday night was driving the vehicle and then you have a suspect coming around to his side of the vehicle in engaging the officers. In that course of action, the returning fire it truly was a crossfire situation. Erin Snail with Snohomish County Multiple Agency response team today. The suspect, 37 year old Henry Washington, was charged with three felonies, including first degree murder. Prosecutors say his actions led to Officer shoots death. The USADA's 77,000 new Corona virus cases just today, and in some cities were seeing a surge in the hospital morgues were knowing that funeral homes are also backlog. Mario Martinez with the San Antonio Health Department here in Washington, state Governor Jay Inslee is cracking down on social gatherings that he says are driving an increase in coded 19 infections here. Starting Monday. Counties in Phase three of reopening must limit gatherings to 10 people. Counties in Phase two are restricted to five gallon water. Park says it will close Monday after being handed a big fine for vice violating the state's cove in 19 restrictions have radios nickel, Jennings reports. The Department of Labor and Industry says it reached out to slide waters with several letters and phone calls, giving the park multiple chances to shut down before things got to the point of a $10,000 fine. Ah burn Ban kicked into effect this afternoon and Stand county. No residential yard waste or land clearing. Burns are allowed. Outdoor fires for recreation are OK if they are in approved fire pits. A similar rule takes effect into the home ish county next week. Your Cairo radio forecast calls for increasing sunshine this afternoon with pies around 70. It's 66 degrees in downtown Seattle. I'm Bosch Stream Cairo radio at home on your smart speakers. Cairo radio ad by northwest dot com. Cairo Radio..

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