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The FBI has arrested two people until Lido for planning terrorist style attacks twenty three year old Elizabeth lacrosse is jailed after the FBI says she was planning a mass murderer at a bar into Lido. Investigators say that she bought material to make a bomb that she believed would be used in a domestic terrorist attack. According to the records in court. Investigators say she was obsessed with mass murderer on undercover agent began trading messages with twenty one year old Damon Joseph weeks ago during which Joseph expressed interest in becoming a recruiter for ISIS, and he sent the agent several videos in support of terrorism. Isis reportedly got a hold of some of the videos and posted some of it on their website three days after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting at the end of October Joseph told the FBI agent that he fantasized about doing something similar in Toledo, according to their records. He sent details. It was planned. To carry out the attack on at least one Toledo synagogue, and he told the undercover agent he wanted to kill a rabbi both of these people are in jail. Police in Troy and Clinton township Berman investigating a smash and grab jewelry heist in Troy Robert smashed their way through the Tiffany store at Somerset collection and stole high end jewelry in Clinton township. This was last Thursday night. Police say three men did a smash and grab at the K jewelry store at Partridge creek mall. The Wayne County prosecutor's office charging a Sterling Heights man, Albert weather's with the killing of a woman a transgender woman, according to police her body found on the street around east mcnichols and brush last week. The former Nissan chairman Carlos gone is still in jail. He's filed a complaint after his three week detention by Japanese authorities was extended by another couple of weeks the dry. Prosecutors indicted going on accusations that he under reported as income and Nissan corporate filings by millions of dollars starting. In the year twenty ten. Marina Bettina is an accused Russian spy who got close to the National Rifle Association before the election in two thousand sixteen according to advocates and she has begun cooperating with federal prosecutors reportedly after agreeing to a plea deal in recent days, here's correspondent Sara Murray. Deal is not final I won't be until she appears in court may introduce that plea and the judge accepts it. But I mean, she's poised to plead guilty on at least one of the charges. She's facing as a Russian spy in Washington state. The officials are investigating a series of attacks on kingdom hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. Correspondent Kristen Holmes says the latest happened last Friday when a kingdom hall was set on fire. In the past year on the religious group in the state in March two kingdom halls were set on fire then in may shots fired into a separate kingdom hall causing more than ten thousand dollars in damage, and then in July, another arson completely destroying a house of worship so far. There have been no arrests in Washington. I'm Kristen Holmes reporting. The massive winter storm impacting the Carolinas and Virginia there are still some delays and cancellations on the boards all across the country failures at the highest level. That's the finding of another report on the Larry Nassar scandal. The report found high ranking officials at both the US Olympic committees and the US gymnastics failed to protect athletes from Larry Nassar's sexual abuse. WJR news time six thirty four. Here's Steve Courtney sports. All right, Richard at Little Caesars arena last night. The Red Wings played host to these struggling Los Angeles Kings, the kings out shadowing, wheelers forty-three twenty one but. Give the Redwings. Eight three one win during the proceedings Jimmy Howard season, high forty two saves. So the Red Wings who will be in our nation's capital to face the capital seven thirty tonight. Meanwhile, in the city of brotherly love, the seventy Sixers once again beat the pistons won sixteen one zero to the pistons losing streak now at five Blake Griffin. Did not play last night. He was rested. Joel Embiid did he had twenty four points. Luke Kennard, by the way, a career high twenty eight points for the pistons who will be in Charlotte to face the Hornets seven o'clock tomorrow night, Monday night football last night in Seattle the Seahawks take care of the Minnesota Vikings twenty one seven the final there lions up next..

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