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This episode with brooke harvey taylor and if you love it be sure to subscribe if you have not already on apple. Follow us on spotify then. Leave us a review. We'd love to hear from y'all enjoy. The show brooke welcomed glossing angeles. Thank you for having me super excited. Were super excited. Sarah brooke just look like the person you want to be. Yes i was telling kirby interview with thirty like your day routine and afternoon. You like from your garden and arranged like a beautiful bouquet and i texted and i was like this is the life i strive to live. I want to be brooke when i grow up. We have you on the podcast. Obviously because of pacifica and you're kicking off sustainability month for us one thing that we're really passionate about here on the podcast is when we talk about clean beauty. A lot of brands focus mostly on what they're made without as a selling point but for us we also think that taking care of our planet and our animals and things like that are also super important making sure things are ethically sourced and things like that and basilica is turning twenty five. Did you already turn twenty-five nope. This year will turn twenty five. Wow do you know the exact date. Well we sort of say around when we went to our first trade show which would ban the fall so so this fall fall. Twenty twenty one. That's amazing congratulations thank you. You guys are basically veterans. Were old school pioneers. Exactly so i was doing a little dabbling as one does. And we have a guest on the podcast. And i read that. It all started by creating perfumes. There was like this aromatherapy component and you would sell them at some grateful dead concerts and now it's obviously a full line with a focus on skincare and cosmetics. So what was your motivation behind creating. Pacifica so i apprenticed as an aromatherapist. When i lived in eugene oregon. And that's where i became really passionate about perfuming and the ingredients and the woman that i was apprenticed wound up leaving and she left me with her whole library of fragrances of essential. Oil send from all over the world that she collected so that was a moment where i started playing and dabbling and making these perfumes and selling them saturday market and different concerts. The grateful dead concert and it became this passion project for me and people started leaving the perfumes and asking me to make them for them as well. And then i met this really cool boy. And he's like i've never had a job to try and be an entrepreneur. You should start your own company. Do something with your perfumes. I wound up marrying that guy. He's always been a huge supporter. Me a huge part of the brand is billy..

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