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Health officials want to know why Ellie restaurants are a hot spot for workers to get covered 19 in November and December. The grocery workers union reports there were covert 19 infections it nearly 140 restaurants in Los Angeles. In the same period more than 850 L. A area restaurant employees tested positive for the virus. A driver's dead after injuries from a crash caused by swerving to avoid a pedestrian. The record. Happened on Friday near gauge in Eastern avenues in a Facebook post Bell Gardens. Police say the driver lost control jumped a curb and his vehicle finally came to a stop at the entrance to a fast food restaurant. The driver died at the scene and the fire captain step is being attributed to go over 19 the L A F D tweeted. The captain George broke, died early yesterday. The 57 year old had served with L. A F D for 22 years and was assigned to station 97 in the Laurel Canyon. Mulholland Drive area. Captain Rocca survived by his wife and four Kids. I'm Jodi Guerrero. Sacramental traffic, taking a look at KFBK traffic right now. CHP at the cinema solo crash for a vehicle hit a tree. It's at highway putting out at Pleasant Valley Road unknown if any lanes are blocked at this time, but looks like fire Department has cleared the scene. CHP Remained there taking a look at your Sierra Travel conditions change required for 89 from 52 Blue State Park. No chains required at this time for 50 80 88, or highway for Over. According to Caltrans crews this weekend. They are monitoring possible snowfall coming tomorrow night now reminder. 89 is closed from 38 to 5 to Howie for Monitor past due to snow traffic on the tens,.

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