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For new equipment and firefighting apparatus including aerial trucks ambulances fire engines and command vehicles san francisco fire chief joanne hayes white says her department is often on the go we're one of the busiest fire departments in the nation we run over one hundred and fifty thousand calls per year and we pride ourselves on getting to the scene within about a five minute time period there's also funding proposed for a medical response team to focus on high need areas in the tenderloin and civic center neighborhoods in san francisco margie schaefer kcbs over a hundred homeless people with their tents stoves and pets are being evacuated from a public trail in santa rosa where they've been camping out sin city authorities forced them out of another location nearby last month kcbs is jeffrey schaub reports many say that they have no place to go but local charitable organization say there are enough shelter beds available for them these folks camped out along an entire mile long stretch of the rideau to trail were gathering up their belongings what was left behind was being removed by dump trucks santa rosa police sergeant jonathan wolf later several things we're hearing supportive cinema county regional parks large encampment has obviously grown here sitting next to her dog julia tells me she has nowhere to go she suffers from ptsd and other mental health challenges well no i don't i just want a piece of dirt i really just want the dirt where i can they will leave us alone but jennifer lynn homes with catholic charities says the encampment is not safe there's been stabbings there's been assaults she says her organization does have enough shelter beds to help the one hundred or so here we have to understand and respect this continuum for a lot of people and some are ready right now some we'll be ready months this woman says she's scared so what are you gonna do in santa rosa.

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