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Yeah if if you have missed them you can't go back in and watch Previous sessions by going onto wreck poker in the archives. And you'll see all the book. Studies joined the book. Study group get involved. We can have some discussion. They're back and forth. If you need to and all of the slides that we put together are available also on that group. Nice nice fantastic. Simple anything else guys. We need to share a little bit long. But that's when when i when i'm involved tends to be that way. But what else do we need to share recreation. Jim i guess we've got one more thing. We should circle about september eighteenth. So there's there's there's the heads up match that john's running that afternoon but it's also going to be the first of a few study groups where we're joined by sky matsu hashi so this'll be. We're getting we're working more closely with sky poker forage so every month now We're going to release a longer. Premium training video from the poker forage. That skype picks out. And we're going to give our members a couple of weeks to digest that material. There's going to be some action steps for people to take a guy likes to have and everything with steps for you to take and then He's gonna host this hour long a just for wreck. Poker premium members Every month going forward on third saturday of the month so now. He said he'll do it if we get some wreck. Boker premium members to come and ask some questions on this third saturday of the month so i am circling september. Eighteenth if you if you're here this podcast the it comes out a book at baby one. Pm eastern on september eighteenth. Join me and sky montana. Hush and if you think i know about poker tracker four and filters and hides and drilling down on people than unc. Nothing yet kid. Come on september eighteenth. You'll have a great time. The sushi may nice. Great stuff continued to add value that premium membership right. I mean we create great stuff through mr jones. Then we pull in great stuff and you're gonna find something that you connect with somebody that you can learn from. Science is fantastic. Anything else guys for the good of the order that we need to share here as he some head shaking anybody. I guess we still got a couple of folks. Jim gibson kim gilroy and the anything from you guys don't need to share. We'll give you about three seconds type. Something i asked that in plenty of time share. Okay well instead of going on as always up poker Sign up for the newsletter. That's a great way. The tour this weekend wreck That's a great way to kind of stay plugged in not in. We've said this before but if you want do us a solid. There are several ways wrecked up over slash support. I think that what has kind of different links. I think the different things but you know something as simple as ill subscribe to the youtube channel subscribe to the twitch channel Rate review. the podcast. All that stuff is ways that you can support. What we're doing that don't cost you time. And if you wanna spend a dime or more we have ways even supporters doing that. Do not through pre-membership and all kinds of other stuff so just check all of that stuff out but man. Thanks to jamie kerr center. Jim you can roll right there. We have a video q. Thanks jamie curse center. That was great. Chris john jim rob. Thanks jim and kim and the others that were in the cat. And i will tell you. Got running esiason website..

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