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Emerge. Here's where it gets crazy all right. Now let's introduce you to the rainbow warrior. You saw the title of this episode. That's what this whole thing's about the rainbow warrior was a trawler class vessel a ship. Not not just about this is ship guys and it was built in the united kingdom in nineteen fifty five and it was called the sir william hardy. It is up to you whether the name whether you prefer the name rainbow warrior or sir william. Hardy this is a trawler is essentially a a motorboat that seaworthy so they wanted this because it can make long ocean voyages. It's not super impressive. You know it's not on the level of billionaires yachts or something. No one's living the high life on this it's a workbook for emission and when greenpeace uk got a hold of the vessel back in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. That's win. They renamed it. They spent about four months retrofitting. It may second nineteen seventy eight. They launched it and they decided to call it the rainbow warrior. It's named after a book written by one of the co founders of greenpeace. A guy named robert hunter wrote a book called warriors of the rainbow. The titular line of the book. If you're interested is the world is seeking dying. The people will rise up like warriors of the rainbow. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure what that means. But it's inspirational well like know warriors from all over the place you look like who look like everyone possibly could look on earth and we're all going to fight for everything cool man. That's something you could get behind. You know super chill a revolutionary kind of way but it's it should be noted that the ship was just rusted out looked nasty. You can see footage of it in There's a documentary that greenpeace put out. That's called the boat in the bomb. So you can really check out some retro footage of this ship as it was being changed over into the rainbow warrior. Stepper needed that four month. Glow up for sure. But let's let's just jump from one thousand nine hundred. Seventy eight. I think is when it was fully retrofitted eighty one after it had been out on a couple of different missions. They reignite this campaign that had kind of gone away since the early seventies this anti nuclear weapons testing campaign and when they did that they wanted the rainbow warrior not just to be fossil fuel powered vehicle. They wanted to be a little greener. Hey come on the names greenpeace right. So they they further retrofitted the thing they put sales on massive sales so now it's both a motorboat and a sailing vessel and that's that's form and function there and if you think about it that move makes sense because the most immediate criticism for an organization like greenpeace using both like this would be. Hey you guys know what those run on right so it's a valid. It's a valid criticism and our story. Really kicks off nineteen eighty-five the rainbow warrior. Set sail for auckland new zealand and they are on the way to a very specific infamous at all. In the world of environmentalism that's right the more aurora eight toll. The idea was to connect with this assembly of eight. Other vessels this flotilla an prevent the next firing of nuclear weapon And this area long. Been a popular destination for testing. You know tolls in remote is often are like the marshall islands episode. We just talked about where the risk of collateral damage as seen on paper as being you know low put. We know what happened with that story. it has long term consequences that are not often thought of upfront. But as long as the the math adds up. Then it'll all be okay but it often isn't so in one thousand nine sixty sixty. French had begun testing nuclear weapons in this area..

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