Ravens, Vanessa discussed on Rose Pricks: A Bachelor Roast - Bachelor #21.13: Stinky Rose


Mix slush well a new you were stoic show when you express yourself it was very meaningful and powerful 'cause you're show stoic yeah truth of not stowaway what is raven ever been stoic where they give me a word she's never been actor she's always been a half abbott rain around in the mouth and roll ask gaetan paul circles yeah stylish what is it made no sense it was just as searching for a story line sucrose is like so after the overnight she were so confident she's like we'll yeah he fuck me like ten times like i give anal wouldn't be surprised feeling that maybe he even he he really did lead her on i have a feeling he told her he was like it love with her i think he wanted her to be really sad oh such a pig i get that the show you can't just look i'm not endure i'm gonna probably not pick you but just stay for the free trip you get he can't do that but it's it just doesn't seem like yes to go so far as he did he knows about angry of um when he me out whole time he was going to pick vanessa jerk also i hope than us to give some allow the ship for that which i know she will so ravens like well i was release date but confident that in what we had because we're such firm of and good processing times and might be people thought i was naive but we had conversations bad difficult to relationship would be you know but i was just hours after mystic.

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