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And subscribe now and stay tuned to the end of this show for a sneak peek of the first episode of kingpins. Due to the graphic nature of this cult's crimes. Listener discretion is advised. This episode includes discussions of graphic material that some people may find offensive we advise extreme caution for listeners under thirteen. Midnight. San Francisco a balmy Friday in nineteen sixty four small group of individuals interests, sinister black Victorian house perched on California street. The group is comprised of artists. Doctors policemen academics, they shuffle into the living room of the old Victorian unsure of what to expect immediately. They are taken aback by the interior the walls adorned in skulls, candles and satanic symbols as the group settles a tall. Black clad figure emerges and takes his place at an altar at the front of the room. He's pale skinned and entirely bald except for dark black goatee the group descends into total silence. This mysterious man is the reason they're all here. He begins to speak to them about cannibalism and human sacrifices. He's engaging almost prophesy. Oriel as he regales them with grisly and shocking stories. The group hangs on his every word as his lecture comes to an end a woman enters the room holding a silver platter containing fried bananas and yams at the center of the platter. The cooked by of a human woman tonight. This would be their feast. Hi, I'm Greg Poulsen. And I'm Vanessa Richardson. And this is cults today. We're taking a deep dive into.

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