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That's a good reason that just absolutely hate it. Ellen page. I said, Ellen look the two of us come on your thirty two let's skiff. No added a very pregnant Spanish woman, and I'm like what? This is not. Yeah. Now a great tale. Maybe they could if you're out there and you have an original idea. All right. It's like sack. Let me know I'd love to work with you on it. No, no. I want to create the next show. All right. Stories only though, that's my only caveat. All right. The chef show. Wow. They are really running out of names. For shows hosted by chef only original ideas will work on a spin off a in his last job was a reboot. The only works on originals. What did you say? It's a re-. It's spin off his original. Without grownups. There'd be flags. Are we gonna sure? But she'll hold different story. All right. I understand. And I've also there's for explaining. Whatever. Well the ship. So they're really ring on names for shows hosted by chefs writer director food enthusiasts Jon Favreau. And chef ROY Choi, one of my faves. I love love ROY. I love Jon Favreau to yes, finish the food in and out of the kitchen with the -ccomplish shifts, and celebrity friends. I hate the movie chef as much as I love Jon Favreau, ROY Choi and food shows. So I'm torn so you hated Shefa. You hated chef. I actually love show up. I have a feeling. I know where this is going, but I want you to say what you think about the show I because I want you to get your positively out. Okay. Yeah, go Ahead. ahead. I like any chef show in general. I like people learning how to cook in front of me. I'll put a pin in the go ahead. Yes. And I agree. Yes. If you have a criticism of the fact that was almost impossible to learn what they ridiculous. If you're gonna make it a cooking show. It wasn't didn't choose what it was neither teach us how to cook, or you have to make it so funny and personal about the guests that it's not about the food. You're just cooking and learning about the guests, but they set like right in the middle. He said it in there. They didn't have it wasn't on Netflix when they started really wasn't anywhere Jon Favreau just has a camera crew. And he said, let's start seven that's amazing what it is. And they didn't. And they didn't even asked midway through like so what is this show? It was such a weird fucking conversation. Yes. Off, like not likeable to go to goop, right? Doesn't make likeable and then she didn't remember, remember that way. My phone at the wall, because there are certain people who get too many good experiences shouldn't. Right to, to not. You're inspiring you don't get to get stuff anymore. Yes. Yes. Member. Coming home. People advertise the fact that they were in that movie gay rich in a scene. You know, high no Garretson told me because he remembered remember every bar show. I don't know what was in that pepperpot. They made a pepperpot you could tell they didn't say what it looks like everyone hated it. She ate one including and she'll sitting ROY hated. Yeah. I just felt very much like, okay either this needs to be like comedians in cars getting coffee, where you just cooking while you get to know, guest and really just focus on asking that person questions or show us exactly how fuck you're making the food report stuff in vets kind of watching, and they tried to, like help you out by doing the weird claymation stuff with all the stuff and it's like look at these ingredients. It's like what do we do this before they even tell you what the fuck. Tomato lettuce. Hit again. I don't care what's in this show. It's not a shell certainly not a show. Coop headquarters. Yeah. She even was well, you're not afraid of salt. She just God episode they go to proud boy headquarters, bilberry. Yeah. Bill Burr is that probably have quotas. But Bill Burr. Oh, yeah. You know, he's in making a joke goop joke as Google their ten thousand dollar vibrator..

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