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And the pitchforks get out the pitchforks get out to every cap somebody's speaking slightly out of school and that's what has happened with barstool sam ponder leading the charge and of course yesterday monday espn cancelled barstool van talk after just one episode president john skipper said he aired in thinking espn could distance itself from the bar brand recovered last night that is idiotic considering the name of the show was barstool van talk so how can you have a show titled after barstool in say you thought you could distance yourself from the barstool brand that just makes no sense whatsoever in his statement john kipper said big cat and pfd commenter delivered the show they add promised so that line right there they delivered the show they had promised tells you this was all about the backlash and nothing else and that's just not a good luck that's just not admirable in this case is not admirable for espn to walk away from barstool after just one episode what are they knew what this didn't know this backlash was going to come come on in this case espn allowed the wild minority to get its way sam ponder leading the charge publicly but richard deitz reported it james andrew miller reported at many other industry insiders report did it there are lots of sam ponders behind the scenes most notably sarah spain who apparently has been one of barstools biggest detractors the only issue would sarah spain is her past not so clean either before she became a member of the twitter police she was making raunchy music videos as i talking about sleeping with cubs go to steve bartman take lesson to a sarah spain's past work paint him hendry it's me sarah spain i believe it happened at the cubs again we now at this offseason taken matters into my own hands amending the cubs kurth once and for all and here's how i do now i see all right gartner jio this is this vat dirty and music videos even jars rings wearing a soak down bra conceived this will play.

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