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Endre night would have been a hometown hero for Philly to get all your Smith, and he has already suffered a serious injury which we see with every Sixers rookie for the last however, many years I can remember according Shams Sharabia then was pronounce his name wrong. He suffered a fractured left foot in Vegas during a developmental camp for NBA players number sixteen, pick in the draft out for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure how long it will take. We also note the Sixers medical staff handle things differently than maybe other places. So that might affect how long he's out, too. Bad luck happens all over professional sports, but it sure seems like the Sixers of had a. Massive dose of bad luck that they can't shake over the last few years here. You just left shaking your head. Sometimes when you read the last story that's come out of Philadelphia when you see what's happened with these prospects and their injuries, when you see the the front office issues that they've had earlier in the summer, the Sixers for all the, the goodwill in the hype and the optimism that they have gone through in the last year year and a half or so behind Joel Embiid. And now Ben Simmons for this happen for a team that went through the front office changes that they had and didn't Land Co. why, or LeBron or some big name free agent. If you're a Sixers fan, you've got to be thinking on, oh, this is more of the same. Well, we remember of course, both Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons were hampered by broken feet, and now you're Smith. So I guess you can say they're always getting off on the wrong foot. Oh. I will say, though is well, well, thought out point by Desmond's. Patrick Redford who said the only player that they've drafted during the process era that's played a significant chunk of this rookie season was Jalil Okafor. So maybe it's a good sign, right? The other two guys coming up injuries are a lot more successful. It's staying fit sarahspain, Nick Freda l. hosting and coming up the Yankees, get back on track last night, but that hasn't quote calmed the waters around the team will explain it. Next Nick read Ellen for fit Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, Spain, and Fitz. Now now, Yep, you guessed it..

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