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And with me. Today is a special guest. I'm so glad to pull a good friend from the live chat. You might know him as tape boys. Kevin tate is here with me kevin. How are you my friend a. I'm doing well. thanks for having me. I love this. Show been a viewer for both about two and a half years now. So you know i i enjoy i enjoy all all the different shows that you guys have on mostly youtube every week i do sometimes listen to the less ri- but i find myself watching a youtube morrison excellent and now that's a good thing. I'm glad you brought that up. If you're missing out on the i mean if you're checking out the youtube shows that's great but you're going to be missing out on so much more as the podcast producer. We have put together a great fall lineup. Where we're already starting to mix those shows in so are you. Fantasy football guy kevin. I'm a fancy football guy all right. So you've gotta be checking out the steelers fantasy football fix on wednesdays. Jeremy bets another guy who he was a writer dai crew on the. Let's ride podcast. And he was able to show us what he could do and he has a great fantasy. Football show that comes from steelers perspective. Who they're playing each and every week and the rest of the league whether it's daily fantasy or whether it's your traditional fantasy football league so check that out we also debuted another show yesterday We call them the steelers power half hour some guys with an ohio perspective. They're coming from there. So we've got chris joe and paul doing a show where they power rank different factions of the steelers. Each and every week they did a top five of the most crucial for twenty twenty one just yesterday so you gotta check that out as well. of course let's ride and you know jeff hartmann. He wants everybody to be in the right or nike crew. So check that out. But we've got other shows too. They're coming up. I can't wait to talk about them. We will be maybe having some guys from. They're coming up leading up to those shows. Jeffrey benedict's going to have his own show. We have another show called. What is talking about about the steelers side of social media. And there's other shows on the audio only the steelers richard show at tony and myself and we're going to be doing factor fiction's there every single week. We've got steelers radio wire if we appear on other shows in speaking of other shows you have your own show on youtube tate. Can you tell us about that. Yeah i have a. I a couple of good buddies of mine. We starting podcast a couple of months ago. It was called the nobles. And it's basically just your your routine sports podcast mass dealer centric like this when we talk about all sports two of us know are steelers fans one of the cowboy fan and we just talk about the. You know the gamble sports. Thus far we've had some guests on his show k j adams. All american basketball player headed to kansas. This fall we talked about the al with him. You know the name image likeness that the ncaa has allowed collegiate athletes. That get a to get paid We've had olympian don cherry on talking about an olympics preview and just last week we had ray jackson and ethnic blu ray jackson from the michigan fan. Five anthony floyd ex louisville cardinal all american safety in indianapolis call play. We paid manning and adron james marvin harrison three those guys so we talked about the bells guys and just their careers and life after sports. So you know we're we're trying to just make a mark and you know get some some subscribers and have some some different days to bring you guys obey. Forgive me a chance to to kinda talk about that. Badness is no at all k- in all. It a l l z. knowing halls. and i tell you what. It's a good show. I've had a chance to check out. I saw the ray jackson. Shell and i i saw the the dominant choose nestle shell so It was really good. So i wanted to have tate on the show. I i remember tate from a our live. Chat and kevin was also in our in our draft draft. Yes so who did. Who did you have last year. Measure in draft. I had the raiders. Had the raiders. And i took i took. I took j. o. k. Who's now a cleveland.

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