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Commuter connections dot org. Some restrictions apply. WTO P at 5 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s Friday roads Dave dill dine in the traffic sign on Friday traffic's really slow on 95 southbound across the onca quantum from dumfries through Stafford county toward Fredericksburg, also northbound out of Fredericksburg and a Stafford county. The likelihood of something blocking a lane near centerport Parkway, it's not within camera shot, no calls, no information from vdot and really no surprise. Information typically limited on Fridays for whatever reason around the region. 66, nothing called in no big issues, just heavy westbound traffic through centerville, three 95 is slow both ways through Springfield. And three 95 at a D.C. is jammed from The Pentagon toward Capitol Hill in the district eastbound on I 6 95 at south capital street. We were watching the broken down van in our Kobe consulting camp for about an hour, just a minute ago, the driver and a passer by a helper managed to drive off of the freeways right lane. And head eastbound. So whatever the mechanical problem was, they got it rectified. And all eastbound lanes are open on 6 95. If you're heading toward the navy yard or the 11th street bridge. On two 95, volume delays are much less intense. This afternoon than they were yesterday at around the beltway rush hour already showing signs of starting to ease and wind down. It's still slow on portions of the beltway mainly in Maryland on the beltway through landover and Silver Spring and Bethesda. But the delays are less intense than they were last hour, two 70 north bound slow. Mainly north of clarksburg, near 80 or banna. And the Frederick rush hour is still going on north and southbound on 15 and westbound on 70 between the beltways, Baltimore, Washington Parkway, have a audit off between green belt and Laurel, some slowing on 95 southbound south of 150 looking good between the beltway. And the bay bridge. Don't miss the Lincoln Center, theater production of my fair lady at the National Theater, April 6th, through April 9th only get tickets at Broadway at the national dot com. Dave Daley WTO traffic. All right, to the weather and Mike stifford. I win warnings and wind advisers are in effect starting at noon on Saturday. For tonight off and on rain showers, turning windy, our lows in the mid to upper 50s. Morning showers and storms on

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