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Well? That lines got my lawyer on her side I'll get Rumson bullard online. He's a big stuffed shirt. This is something. We'd better get together on before the neighborhood falls apart. You won't want. His house squeezed in between attack factory in a bluer. It's any more than I do. there's bullying sitting in this study. With his nose in the air. The glue works was operating already. Pretty cold out here. Invites me in this time. Yes good morning. Oh hello. Hello. If you have a minute to spare, I'd like to talk to you about something. We're going to come in. Thank you the hall the Hong. My shoes are snowy. What can I do volume? You and I are two of the biggest property owners in this neighborhood. You're the biggest. Well it surprise you to know that one of our neighbors is trying to open a business. Our Street, not even consulting us if you mean Miss Fairchild, Mrs was telling me about plans last night. He was strange. You didn't know about it. Gildersleeve you and miss. been so chummy. I thought you'd be modeling our hat. That's very good, but let's not take this too lightly. Shot and I have been good friends, and still are the businesses business. Perhaps you and I should put test at chop word. Circulated petitions on the neighbors of. Yes, you have a heavy investment in this neighborhood. A hat shop across the street next to my house wouldn't be a pretty sight well. I can't see how one more is all over. There can hurt much. Housing Hoople I may not have a bigger house as you have, but I work hard, but when I get and I'm not going to stand idly by wake up some morning in the middle of a shopping district. Well, you might have something. You, bet. Businesses can spring up bullard. By I've already heard rumors of a hot walk. Stand going up hot fan. Where right my foot I mean. I was approached by young then that settlement hot dog stand. I will not tolerate the way I feel us. I've always considered you a boo about business matters. But this time I think you're using your head. You start the petition Gildersleeve, and if you need any help, I'm behind you one hundred percent. Great. Glad to have you aboard. We'll block this hat business. Who Know The reason why? WOULD WANNA start petition without warning at lines. I'll tell us she has to give up his shop. IDEA or Bullard Nile go into action. In coming in line, we'll talk to you about something. I want to hear about trump and to have. I told you what that my chilling. Surprise. I'm going to start. Hat Chapel WanNA surprise. At Line. That's exactly what I came over to talk to you laugh. I didn't know you weren't interested in women. Damn you can help me with is when I'm looking at. A. You hold the ribbon while I feel I've almost coffee. COCKATIEL! I WANNA. My new spring is on. Hard! Well, add line before you get too far along with this project. I think I should have a talk with you. Gordon talk and don't step on that leg on body. Body. On the floor buying your friends Oh. I was thinking something else. Can make a hat out of that old piece about it Straw on I. You'd be surprised. What Adlan can do with that old piece. Argue Sanchez will the ribbon the town fifty cents for the violence and fail a half a twenty dollar. Twenty dollars. or around the edges loaded with Valey and Donna? In the Melanie bigness fascinating. Twenty five dollars, yes. Seems to be everybody ever done lab. Admire half I think every woman in Southie. The only trouble is in getting ready for my opening. I'm running low on cash. I hate to pets. Saying but if I had over two hundred dollars I could make too fast. F. East consoles. That rape you to be a rich woman. Well, you never can look at Hattie Carnegie and Lily. Oh Yeah. I might become that successful unless some of the neighbors of jet fuel a hat shop here. The chance to make that much money. I wouldn't worry too much about the neighbors. then. You come over here to talk about well. I came over to see if I could lend you two hundred dollars off. I'll do like to take on a silent partner. With you don't. Walk more that it'd be wonderful. But I don't WanNa, take you online line I wanted to, but I don't need two hundred dollars that day, but I could use the two. ADELINE I. I'll see and it's a partnership. Act Can make the hatch, and you can handle the minute. To me. Bullard thought I was the Bloomberg business. Birdie. Did you ever try to Parque Margarine on hot cornmeal? Mush Coal, February morning? Sure did and. That's the way it's tastes on warmed up rolls when you've come in after shopping yet. And that sure the way they dave on waffles. Liberty. You. Keep saying that's the way it tastes I. Don't get what you mean. Packet like a luxury food tastes like a trip cost twice as much. That's what oh well it's prepared like luxury. That's why only the selected products of American farms going to the making of Delicious Park. And you know Birdie every pound of that good tasting. Spread is full of rail, nourishment and reinforced with fifteen thousand units of essential vitamin A. You take vitamins missile wall Abba. Take Tastes Berta you'll take the vitamins, too. When you take arcade and you'll get K. at half the price of the most expensive spreads. GRIMM's make tomorrow night dinner parquet dinner. You'll all enjoy the light delicate flavor of this delicious brands. Ask Your dealer for Parque that P.. A. R. K., A. Y. Parque the margarine made by kraft that tastes like it should cost twice as much. Yes, that's the case..

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