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Getting reciprocated. Life is you know. We all have unfinished karma with different beatles. People come in and out our out of our lives for reasons and you know people get married and that person's there a world in the leg divorce excuse with that person you know. They're they need someone else. I mean you know highly anything's forever except my sister and brother-in-law who just had their sixty fifth way. Gosh sixty five years. He's been in our family since i was one year old holy crap. Yeah and That they're unbelievable like they're they're like she's known him since she was fourteen and That's great i think he was seventeen. He brought the cradle and They've been together all these years two kids and three grandkids. Some that's great well. Sixty five congrats to them. Yeah they're very cute together. You have to get them on a smucker's jar right. That would be cool. Willard scott i know i saw that. I was hoping he'd live to be one hundred so they could call his name out right. Oh he was. He was a character. Did you ever meet. don't i'm never met him either. I think would have been a hoot right so fun he. He was way ahead of his time to dress. Carbon maranda. god was really really funny. Really funny ready for a new the cool well speaking of texas we do. We have a. I'm allergic to sunny or something. But speaking of texas we have a nine. Oh three call from accidents. I guess so. Let's nine or three. You're on the show with learn. Hey this is jennifer from sex food jennifer. How are you. i'm again hurry up during we're good. We're really good. So i will i. I need to know if a first of all you've probably never been to the world trade center or have you been there you were enacted there all right now. I wasn't yeah. I you know. I've been to new york. Many times i ever went in that building Do you have a j. J. or g person close to do as a male or female jennifer that is enough harden i if that were minding jennifer Another j person deceased or living around. You have a genie is is the gm may all. Our female female is g within l. in it or an our l. isn't like gaylard gladys gale. Gale is at your mom. Who's at my mom. Your mom in his. You're in your living. Knows she passed away all your deceased. Oh seattle when energies strong to me. I don't always know if they're living. sometimes To me than living. Your mom's was you were you. Were you expecting her. Ira coping for earth. Yeah yes she's totally with you and she's showing me that she that she visited you she. She's visited you. So i know if you've had a dream that are very real we're sometime. They're like really rare. But i remember. Yeah yeah and she's also showing me Something about the window. I don't know why she's showing me a window on do you okay. Why sing a window. I don't know what that means are you i. I don't know. I look out the window. A lot Maybe i could be is your is your like a bird or butterfly or something comes to your window. Yeah he Birds better flies dragonfly. And do you think your mom is the dragonfly short. Very i feel any better by probably i was going to say. Oh the butterfly. I think that your mom. I think that's a sign from your mom okay Do you have her bracelet or her ring on. I think i on her neck lifted necklaces. Okay so you don't wear them now. Okay yes she's trying to like. Show me stuff and do you also have anything.

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