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Sorry really sort of jumping ahead but i thought that was really great and i think that sort of echoes amman what you are saying look we understand where you're coming from but you have to understand how in tagore stick your behavior is and really it's not helping you achieve your alternate goal you know so you have to sort of like turn the the lens back on yourself and sort of think about okay how am i being perceived how can i move forward you know what i'm trying to achieve in the best way possible that will be received by people to actually like make a change so i really appreciated that yeah we'll get to it but i think that this was the asia vicks conversation is the best possible way to send her off specifically having someone else through speak about her i think is great especially speaking about these issues i mean my entire opinion on the vixen essentially gets boiled down to this asia quote up is vixen handling it the wrong way yes do i understand where she's coming from absolutely that's sort of just been my running thoughts on her the entire time all right well speaking a little bit about what happens in this sort of pre credit scene we have vixen talking about everyone choosing to get rid of her mostly everyone in the who would you eliminate she goes after you rica again about her behavior and snatch game we get to see asia asia look like under the mass i know theorized that oh maybe she thought she was going to be in the bottom there's gonna be a huge reveal nope nothing but a lavar burton jordi laforge mustache going on that we we how was that.

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