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Michael porter jr if healthy can turn into that type of guy you look at i mean at fourteen you look at luca danni everybody thinks it's already a pro the euro league has got a lot of credit for how tough it is the play in that league dallas gets him in a trade so i think you you look at the draft you looking at teams that are trying to identify guys that you could possibly build around and they can come in and help you now but they're looking long term in the future for swell in and it leads into the big free agency i guess lebron palooza the decision three that were going to get in probably about a week and the siding with lebron james wants to do and that's why i felt like one of the more interesting draft picks was colin sexton going to the cleveland cavaliers and i found that interesting because someone needed to fill big shoes for for this program i you know for this for this squad that they needed to have they needed to have someone that makes lebrons paused just a touch now this is what colin sexton had to say in his introductory press conference here after getting drafted by the cavaliers say goals myself name is going to be team goes that will say but i feel like i'm not going to have to live up to anybody shoes i'm just coming in learning and be the best player i can be on the court as well as off the court so when he's talking about fillon shoes right and living up to expectations he's talking about kyrie irving irving was there in this was part of the success that lebron had lebron needed somebody who else could could could at least be a teammate right we felt like marcus that lebron over this last run this year was lebron and eight guys from the church cyo league that he picked up and he was like yeah we got next right like i watch collins sex and play a lot of basketball alabama there's two things that i knew one that i know that he can light it up he he's he can create his own shot he can score he will be a score on this next level too he was coached by a tough coaching in avery johnson avery runs his guys pretty hard down at alabama he ran them hard and probably too hard when he was an nba coach when he was with the mavericks in in in a lotta guys didn't like that but he could get away with it in college right the same way that nick saban's able to get away with it in alabama football but he wasn't able to get away with it with the miami dolphins it works on a collegiate level but what i take from that was colin sexton was actually a kid who when i would see a rip into him he was like okay well how can i get better it wasn't like this madam colin sexton college sex and relax right that's that's the players that i think lebron james wants to play with and especially coming up the hills of jr smith he wants to play with smart guys that can that can score the ball this may be chain i i don't know how much it changes the calculus marcus but it but it definitely added something like it got a little bit more problematic for teams trying to to get lebron james of cleveland pb i was thinking about it i'm i'm going to try to stop thinking for lebron james and what i mean is we we give we you know we give out being we we look at the situation and we think what's going to happen strictly i think from a lot of times from a basketball perspective when you look at lebron you look at his career you have to ask yourself what is really more important right lebron is the best basketball player in the world undisputedly and from a basketball standpoint lebron's you go anywhere he wanted to go any team would probably clear space to get lebron on the roster try figure out a way to work that in so when you have when you're in a situation like like he's in and you hold all the cards and could go into anything team you possibly want to go to.

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