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True price from true car now you know the exact price to pay for the car you want see what other people pay for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car visit true car to enjoy more confident car buying experience traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens from temp star in classic air next update eight ten I'm Johnny gill newsradio six ten WTVN I maybe six first warning meteorologist Sandra but Michael good Monday morning everyone as you're heading out the door today another hot humid day a high of ninety with increasing clouds in a slight chance for a little pop of rain in the afternoon more scattered showers and storms for tonight and tomorrow high of eighty three tomorrow weather is powered by the basement doctors sunshine now seventy in Dublin sixty nine a your severe weather station news radio six ten WTVN at least four people killed including a suspect least fifteen people wounded in a shooting at the annual garlic festival in Gilroy California near San Francisco Sunday evening that's going to kill a police chief Scott Smith uses or maybe a second suspect we have one suspect we know that is down we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a second suspect but we don't know if that suspect was engaged in a shooting war whether they may have been in some sort of a support role one suspect was engaged by police and kill within a minute of shots being fired a woman participating in a transformer struck and killed while riding her bicycle in Delaware County Sunday ABC six is Brian magics as a help along U. S. twenty three Trotman wrote around ninety out with all the victims from Pennsylvania the truck driver from Canada state patrol says drugs and alcohol don't appear to be factors in and while their investigation continues they don't believe the truck driver was at fault the victims been identified as forty four year old Kristen Oswald troopers say there was a safety zone set up for participants in the Iron Man triathlon to use the robot Oswald was traveling outside of that sound Oswald was wearing a helmet at the time not only is Columbus city schools preparing.

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