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He picked the blonde girl. I i'll pay. He picks up longer for less than even give a pay. I say page four fact producers told him to pick up. 'cause i been not so you would have like. I feel like his father was. It was watching it. It was like well. I'm going to be like you could tell that they that wasn't their type of woman was just going for that person because we say that dry in some own should've been. Yeah because they was a match made these this black couple. The two black people. I was on the show some on andrey that go exercise figure out. Who the hell are we talking about here. But anyway they were supposed to be. He wanted to choose our enemy guinea and they basically they put her with john. Jacobs who is white. Who's funnier though. He was hilarious. He was a nigger he would he was. He's like bitch you. What's so but the most disrespectful person owner and i will drown him water history. Scally chris skype he was so fucking respects to get into stereotypes right now making fun of him his italian as i mean he just really do right. He was like listen. Listen listen listen. Listen like you poll meager. Now he was like cells. Humus amounts amounts black. Scally is italian. He was matchwood her. He was like men. Don't fucking choose us. Because i don't want to go with this bitch. Wait for youth me before that. Though he's he on camera in front of everybody said we look good together. Don't we in the in the confessional booth. He was like she's not that attractive. I don't know why picked her. Yeah he was. I really want to go on the trip with this beach. I was like skews the fuck out. I mean you walking around here look like a character offer. Gte five yeah or you can be missed. The forty fives brother came. You get up to get them off fucking little one particular. No and i find it funny that own. These reality shows that how they do black people dirty specifically black women they do lists and don't get me wrong. Love is love. You can be with who you want to be. You can choose what you want. But i know for these producers over sexualize man to because they were south with the lead show. The wasn't aimless. Dig them other couples them quite couples. They did show them fucking now the show. They didn't show they did. They didn't show jay fucking having sex though they did. He wasn't the first one naked because in a boom boom room. They was on ak year but they didn't show anything they were under the covers. That was the first dre was the first person a showed me. And i'm might i mean and they did it to the woman have women have toured conto and shit like that and i'm you. What if that was their choice to fund. That's on them but they had stripped strip tease him. But my thing is like i..

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