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Eighty, six, thirty, eighty, six, eighty, six years old and. He's still going at it. Now we have we just got news a Hashtag reawakened Aizie, which is Arizona Hashtag reopen as e it's a rock and roll and whatnot I got. A email from rick here in Michigan he's going you know what you need to do Redding. California was selected to participate in both. Modern 'em a twelve, seventy three and a Pfizer Bio INTECH forthcoming phased namdeb that clinical trials I might have a contact for me the over going to they're going to they're they're they're going to hard plough on this fourth vaccination of Uganda and we're GonNa make you had fallen in your you know later years. Covert might be a thing for you. You got a compromised immune system, but I don't know you for four should be my grandkids. Take back scene for you steven what your opinion. Oh. Absolutely not and no. No one will force me to take vaccine. I will not make it if I do have closer to the microphone you're really low. Well. Okay. Out that. Is that better better you? I will not take vaccine, I know the toxic the Cova vaccines, the development is being very rushed. Normally vaccines take four or five years to develop most trials fail of small percentage succeed, and even the ones that succeed have had problems associated with them. I've written a great deal about this quoting I'm not a vaccine expert but I've quoted. Experts I know the world's leading at least one of the world's leading vaccines experts the Schreider. When I had my radio program I had to run twice. She's from Australia. So she has come on in the middle of the night which she did. She she absolutely unequivocally says, stay away from vaccines but vaccine who's been developed an in a short period of time six months or so here is no possibility in the world it is it is safe to use anybody taking this vaccines will be playing Russian roulette with their health. If that's what somebody wants to do I have no argument with it it's their choice. It's an individual choice nobody in government or anyplace else should force anybody to do what they don't want to do especially when it relates to the healthier and we agree.

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