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Yeah the latenight comics finally finally reacted i guess the took some some prodding but to the harvey weinstein controversy ah this is a guy was fired from his own company was a big story he's a arguably the most powerful guy in hollywood late night hosts fly addressed his ouster monday night seth meyer's let the ladies do the talking inviting three of the shows female riders to comment on the unfolding scandal the women expressed shock that everyone else was shocked short of saying it was an open secret stephen colbert tackled it briefly he described weinstein as a human shrek and notice that the weinstein company was exploring a name change for the company in the wake of the outrage and he suggested s best us a special post child slap irs would sound more positive know i mean i is one of those things were react we get righteous indignation i don't know why people are surprised that hollywood liberals were reluctant to criticise one of their own we all lar i i mean that's just part of the the acknowledgement that that this short of at least in politics that's the tribal nature of politics you want your shied to win and if your side winds up with its hat with one of the one of the members of your side's hand in the cookie jar doing something agree just your terrible you tend to try to look the other way because you don't want to acknowledge it i don't know why we should be y'all's surprise drew shocked or uh out raged that hollywood didn't want to throw one of their own under the bus and i'd like to believe that all of us would stand up for what's right rather than what's expedia i've been hearing like everybody about the my pillow way before i got to sleep on one i they sent me one and i lost my mind is the best pill i've ever slept on in my life and i'm very excited thrilled that.

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