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We're we're gonNA have to do. There is kick out of the room and get his honest talk because I don't want him feeling like he's got to say something because she's on the phone right. Okay we'll put them both in isolation chamber. He's listening. He should go I I didn't you think before she goes because if he hears okay so PhD. Peter in an hour but you guys went. Yeah we went. How long was it? They don't give anything away with how along with the date thirty minutes. What that's it a mile? But what time do you leave this morning. Your place bobby absolutely absolutely not you never know never know wait thirty minutes angry about it. I'm not happy about it ED. I don't know Peter on one I sent Like anger in your undertone. Why would I be angry? You who's the anger towards is that Bobby Orr PhD. There's not anger as much as there's more just frustration will on you so you just disappointed in your dating life. You're taking that toward me a little heart. It's not a little bit. I don't think that this is Whatever happened unless it was something bad? Evan nothing bad happened. Just why would you be upset. I was uncomfortable uncomfortable and I don't like to be an uncomfortable situations I like to be prepared and I like to go into situations that I am comfortable with Mike. D was with you right. He was in his girlfriend. Yes and I love hanging out with them at the on the date. Yes did they ever leave you know. Oh Oh good. How'd you feel the white uncomfortable? I wasn't uncomfortable. Was it awkward. No good great. What going on up next hour Twenty after the next hour okay. So fifty eight minutes cranky mood this morning. cranky. I'm I'm doing just fine. I just think that the roles should be reversed now and I send you on a date force you to go. Nobody forced you to go and you agreed to him. Based on everyone including yourself the first time he called. So it's not on any is that I was open to it. I never said that I was one hundred percent about it. No one also forced force you to go. You're the one that I'll go. I was trying to be a good sport about al.. Just say no. I'm going to be like no. I'm not going. I like to think that I'm an open person. I like liked to be a good sport thoughts on this. I think that this is maybe one of. I think this is a growing moment for number two and and and and the show and different different circumstances she might be in and that you do have a choice to pick but I totally understand where you're the good sport thing because I think early on what I had to learn early on in my career here is sometimes you're doing stuff because it pops up organically and you either have to go with the flow because there's things that I did in the beginning where I felt like oh I got to be a good sport about about this and then I looked back in like shoe. Why did I agree to this? This is so uncomfortable. An awful so you just have to learn what you're going to be comfortable with because it is all out there and then this is this you'll grow from it. You'll know next time you just need to put your foot down. You don't want to do it and say I don't WanNa do it so we're getting this didn't go well I. They can't read the cards perfectly but they didn't go as wonderfully as we had hoped right. Because you're right bobbing. Nobody forced her to go. But I totally understand in her side of being on the radio. A situation arises. You kind of want to just go with the flow and not seem like a stick in the mud and not want to do it so you go with it and you do it and then you regret it but you learn from it and you'll learn next time to just say if you really don't WanNa go be like bobby I really don't WanNa go. So are we going. There's no love connection connection here and we already poor guy no out right now. He's listening going. Oh my goodness I didn't go wonderfully probably thought it was a perfect date. Yeah well and to be fair. Everyone in the room was in on the you should go. Yeah Yeah don't hold it on me. The whole single and so like you're kind of the only other one I can hold you hold too. Well you're just want me to somebody now to force it on me. I would like to pick somebody for you because you kind of picked somebody for me no he called. Up UPS that if we opened up the phone lines we we get And you know what makes phone call drug into it. I learned to play but but they've done that to me before I've had to go out with our people before I've done a bit. Isn't that what dating is like though. Not knowing what a person is and then going out with somebody like that was terrible. There's a difference between a blind date in a date. That so you kind of know. Somebody is set me up before. Amy sent me up with listeners. I I've done so on like dating shows I've done it many times. Emit tell you it ain't going okay. All right we learned from that learning experience from that. Yes everything's a learning experience. Yeah well I can't wait to hear from Pete or Pete wherever he is right now is back on west coast. Oh so he's not hearing yet so he's two hours behind L. All right. Well we'll we'll we'll get to that coming up in a little bit What do you want to do whether my options says if it feels? Let's go do it. Does that mean cheating is okay. No I'm talking about wearing something in the earlier. I'm getting I get text from people that fills we'll do it. Does that mean just eat so you want no. I'm talking about if you WANNA wear something and it makes you feel good and confident. Wear it you are. You are as strong as you WanNa be with what you wear. Yeah I don't know if we can pull this off you can pull up. Pull anything you want. It's true. It's all about confidence and if someone doesn't think that you can pull it off. Well that's on them cares like right now. I'm GONNA take any. It's funny owning it All right you can text the show to. I'm getting a lot of these. I said. Tear Cargo Terro. I'm sorry Rosa Right. Don't tear it but I I don't know anything you can text your message into the numbers two six two due to nine a standard of message and data rates apply. Just text the bobby is a number two two six two two nine. Wait Bobby is the number. That's also two six two two nine right okay cool. There's some things in life that are okay to cheap out on like car washes because you're gonna get dirty again anyway right speaking of cars the one one thing you should never cheap out on. Is your battery now. You Know Me. I'm no tech but I can tell you that you never know what she battery can cost you and no one wants to end up but lifelong regrets all because your car would start on the way to the concert that you've been waiting for months for or being Labor flight because you can't get your car to start on the way to the airport. 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LSU CLEMSON seven central Levi Dylan Denver. WHO's on the show right now? They deal and what's happening dude. What's going on has your Monday on? Yeah Monday going. Good Morning Studio. Why would you like to play these sixty second? Showdown Man I am in. I'm a first time long time though. I'm I'm down. I appreciate your call and we're going to give you the category of it's the only one left world geography. How do you feel about that? Got Mad All right. Let's do it so you telling me you're not a geographer trade as your trade I am. I'm definitely not call myself. Geography nor geographer world's Jagger down. When you do for a living beer company? I sobia Nice job. Drink your own beer. It's like you know. Don't don't do your own stash. No we do. Actually we get an allotment of our own beer every Every month that we can drink like how much free beer do they give you. Roughly it depends on what kind of beer you get directly you. How to two or so cases a month? Wow so what if you're driving around you're done for the day you've delivered every delivered everything going home and you have a cold one. Can you just get in the back of the truck and pulling out and drink it. I mean some people probably do I. Yes you do because I like my job and I don't I don't prefer to drink and drive so but I'm sure there's a lot of people that do that our pharmacists and they watch those pill also much. You can't do that like you couldn't take a couple for yourself. I just wonder if they look at those beers. No I'm just asking the end of every month. You get a bottle of pills pill and the pill them saying they watch over. How many beers do watching the inventory? Yes so you know it's funny after after a long day of looking at Bir oftentimes beers the last thing. You want Sort of counterintuitive. But yeah okay. And he's questioning finger spirit spirits at the end of the the beer. Yeah Alright Dylan's on Denver right now we're going to do a world geography. Yes sixty seconds to answer all ten questions right if you get right. Averaging one question per six seconds Oh you want one hundred bucks in my cash deal. Are you ready. I am ready with a timer. Starts at the end of the first question question number one. On which continent would you find the Sahara Desert Africa correct. What's the capital of England.

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