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Made archie bradley and even bigger legend if that was possible i'm gonna say this guy went down to get that pitch is an understatement he was one day down adrian belle trace style eddie drove into the wall that ball took off and then archie bradley took off now the smart thing might have been a stop at second base save his legs for pitching the next inning but one in dunn's aren't about the smart thing there about going all out there about archie bradley if anybody is worth a government it's archie bradley accepted his government his government or g n bradley it's not archibald or archer or orchard or arkham miti's he's listed as just or g which is pretty awesome almost his awesome as this guy's sliding into third base jumping up ripping off his helmet and staring at the dugout and the stance his massive beard rustling gently in the breeze dead he left from spreading around the basis eight two five diamondbacks after seven it should have ended the game if it ended their that would have been one of the alltime great games but it didn't ended because the rockies kept undoing their thing and with bradley a little tired and a little windy for taken that extrabase on the mound nolan aeronautical goes deep trevor story follows him right after that suddenly it eight seven so arizona's got dig deep and they did they get it to eleven to seven but still colorado would not go away in desmond singles to start at the top of the ninth and it felt like you we go again and he did score but eventually fernando rodney ended that game at eleven to eight ended the rocky season and instead of celebration for the diamondbacks yeah i know a champagne celebrations after winning one game is a little bit whack but when you win one of those games you soaked the room uvira it take it from arch quote today's awesome trust.

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