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Funeral homes in southern California are turning away grieving families as they run out of space, with bodies piling up one funeral home is averaging six times its normal rate. That of a California funeral Directors Association says mortuaries are being inundated. The next chapter of the Julian of Songs. Saga plays out in a British court Monday. Julian Assan is the founder of Wikileaks soon finds out whether or not he'll be extradited to the U. S from the UK to face numerous counts of espionage. Ah, judges decisions expected Monday morning if granted, Britain's home secretary will make the final call. A solid is facing 17 charges over the publication of Secret American military documents, but he may have an ace up his sleeve astonishes partner and mother of his two Children. Stella Morris has appealed via Twitter to President Trump, asking that the wicky leaker be pardoned if convicted, a solid faces up to 175 years behind bars. Karen McCue. Fox News The NFL season wraps up today, with playoff spots and division titles still on the line. The Tennessee Titans will look to lock up the F C south title with a win against the Houston Texans. The Indianapolis Colts still have a chance of the crown, but they need a victory against the Jacksonville Jaguars today. Along with the Titans loss. The NFC East is also still up for grabs heading into the final regular season games today, the Washington football team Simply need a win over the Philadelphia Eagles, while the Dallas Cowboys in New York Giants will need a win, as well as a Washington lost for the division title theory. Zona Cardinals Chicago Bears Nellie Rams All have the chance to get NFC playoff berth with victories today. Same goes for the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns in the A F. C. The Browns trying reach the postseason for the first time in 18 years back. Napolitano. Fox News, CNN says its former talk show host Larry King, is hospitalized in Los Angeles. With covert 19 for more than a week. Hospital protocols have kept King's family members from visiting him. I'm Sanji.

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