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I guess we stopped one of the reasons why it's like only but he's also very very successful racing car and i guess if we look at the stock is the funny thing is gone on. Seven is is the first great porsche endurance. It's racing car in some ways isn't it. I don't know maybe a little bit harsh predescessors. I call the one the mom it's probably a bit harsh on the no eight which won the great underwriting eighteen sports cars three later car but i think the normal seven yeah. It's the first week porsche up to that point portrait been because remember it was a small companies companies well. It wasn't a big powerhouse. Try and think about nine hundred sixty eight when the idea they came up with it. They never want them on. They were small-time manufacturer the nine eleven to not only been a few years <hes>. This is very much a company. That's yet to kind of stop south porch. We yeah love punched above their weight eight. In terms of small engines cars up against remember. This is the three sixes you go ferrari and ford going at it with big heavyweight calls and pull. She were quite good at picking up. Good class results occasional rule win at somewhere like yeah the talk of florida where you know the powwows and what you needed and then two things happened. They changed the regulations. I will seem sort of are running now really given how quickly the nominations were just a couple of years later but the thing there was concern that the ford marque fours and the peaceful ferraris nine hundred sixty seven were getting too fast and so they sort of cut cut back to sports pro talks to be three liters but then they once it's. They realized that cars aren't the g._t. The smaller engined one were they were quite a few of those out there so the the governing body said if you've got fifty of these cars you can get the five liter effectively production g._t. That's pushing it a bit and then the really so that is not our interplay in the non i seven because we'll see what the big stuff gone and then the real the thing that got got the ball rolling with the non seven was they cut the fifty down to twenty five and then <hes> is a key person in this in the porsche story sort opportunity unity in unpersuaded porsche to go. It's built twenty five for effectively a five liter sport.

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