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Guys like you know cecil fielder and chili davis i played with and ricky henderson and cecil fielder probably the most him and chile cecil fielder was like the ultimate veteran and he was the guy who would get an extra room for guys do escape he would buy cases of beer if anyone wanted to have a drink he would buy dinner for everyone was young and really didn't have the money that he did and sent chili davis was the same way and the veterans like that that i played with when i was young left a mark jack mcdowell when i was in anaheim got an extra sweet for the whole team that he paid for and those are the things that we learned to do as we got a little bit older but the one thing that i learned the most was when you're hazing rookie i never got it because i was playing every day and so i felt that if a guy was gonna come up and be a huge part of the team why am i going to beat him down and make them not feel a part of this team right like i can see if a a kid deserves it or he's a goofball and so we make fun of them but if you're helping our team win i'm not going to pull you backwards and make you feel like you should be in triple a or make you feel like you hate it because when you're inside that clubhouse every day and we're sitting here in chicago if i may say on a on a snow out or an early april and there's guys at the stadium right now everyone's sleeping in everyone's going to do their own thing but there's guys.

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