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That bay represents me than we would have a conversation about that i think but you brought up was was with with media is is a really huge point to talk about because media so he's twisted in in certain ways. A lot of things are sensationalized right. It's always something massive and We don't see all the context that happens with those videos. I'm sure i've seen the videos that you're referring to and i've had conversations with many people when trying to discuss gender and different identities and pronounce and they refer back to these and say well i don't know i don't even wanna say anything because i don't want that reaction i don't i'm gonna put accountability my community. I don't think a reaction like that is really ever warranted even if someone is using it maliciously and saying excuse me as saying sir or what. Have you That type of reaction has never gonna build any level of understanding. Even if you're emotional if your emotional walkaway you know Don't react to things like that. And i think those instances really put people like you in the situation of jeeves. Am i gonna see something wrong in this reaction you shouldn't and that that Responsibilities is on our community in our people and again people can disagree with me within my community. If you listen to this that's fine. I'm not here to represent all people. But that's how i feel and in my own experience I used to address talking about these topics a little bit more aggressively and a lot differently than i do. Now and i realized that i was not getting anywhere with anyone in talking with people that way saying people are wrong and getting angry about things even Salads or angry. And i found that by setting an example in having conversations like we're having now built a lot more bridges of understanding than have had a great or recall the fact than than reacting in that way so. Yeah because i think from what i've seen the conversations like this on terms of safe even speaking from my experience might host exposure to this issue and people's understanding of it the conversations that happen like this of by far the minority compared to all of the information that on being bombarded with online. And you know the that are about pronouns and gender issues and that sort of thing like you said before sensationalized sensationalized so my say ninety percent of what i know about this is from us insatiable media sauce and then the ten percent pretty much has been from your podcast right to the numerous ones that you've done so i and even then like we were saying to with regards to the podcast doing as we speak. We wanted to try and do a bit more of a deep. because my i've now got an understanding of the definitions of the of different pronouns of the lgbtq..

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