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Who's been giving back since she was nine years old. That's coming up right after chiming in weather on the teas. Sponsored by colonial marble and granite. There's an accident on the westbound Atlantic City expressway, and we are an absolute crawl from right after the Sigler Ville exit, which is forty one. You might even want to just get off there and takes the reveal road or take the lack of respect, which is forty two at that point on out because we've got one lean squeezing by here. A lot of on the scene. Now eastbound on the Atlantic City expressway traffic is slow approaching Berlin cross keys road where that accident is, is everybody's taking a look the rest of our major New Jersey roads really aren't bad. Seventy three northbound north of brick road. The right lane is blocked with construction fifty five north approaching forty two that actually looks pretty good right now and our bridges? We're not seeing any major delays south on ninety five. We've got a little clump of heavy traffic right around the Betsy Ross bridge, and we're not seeing any lanes blocked Schuylkill expressway east getting on it to to tap of the brakes there. And then just. A little bit slow as you come up on the blue route four seventy six and down to the round. The Gladwin on ramp. There's parents police department activity on the side. Everybody slowing down for a look at that to four twenty two eastbound this is after San closer to Limerick now. And then on out to royals Ford. Watch out for lane closed there as well. There's construction onto to southbound just south of route one that's the painter's crossing area. Definitely will slow you down. Mass transit no reported issues. Your next update's in less than ten minutes. It's the biggest sale of the year at colonial marble, and granite up to sixty percent on exotic stones and up to twenty percents off remaining inventory, or get free financing with purchase of fourteen ninety nine or more details at colonial marble marble dot net in the KYW twenty four hour traffic center. I'm Stevie Reese. Now, take a look at the forecast, we have sunshine today, it will be windy, high seventy six later tonight, lows sixty sunny tomorrow, high eighty three right now, sixty eight and Junie.

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