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They do have that confidence and experience winning experience against But, uh you know, they've got to replace, you know the tight end that they lost to the Falcons, but it certainly didn't bother him last week, so and again, it's not like, you know, Forget that it's northern Iowa that Iowa State opened up against they opened up against an FCS Po, where I will stand up against the Big 10 conference rival and I think that that is worth a little something in online as well. Let's go rapid fire on some games. Just when you're taking, you can touch on him for a minute each. Utah BYU, Utah has won a ton of narrow there. Kyle Winningham. Of course, going up against his album model continues to pound BYU, Jaren Hall and company coming into Vegas holding on beating Arizona. They had four sacks only gave up one, which was good. How about Keene and Peale? I had 17 tackles for BYU. 10 solo tackles. Algeria rushed for 94, a touchdown power who had eight receptions. 1 26 and two touchdowns and haul through for 1 98 2 touchdowns. No pics rushed for another 36 yards for Utah. It was the Charlie Brewer. You're coming over from Baylor. And, uh, you know, Cameron reason got in there as well rising, I should say, And then a couple of tight ends. Kincaid had a big game and Cunth solid as well. Cudi they had, you know, two solid tight ends that Charlie Brew was able to find all day 42 17. They beat Weaver State. They did allow a kickoff return. By Weaver State Wildcats something that they'll work on. And Devin Lloyd became the, uh, Pac 12 Player of the Week on Tuesday, 12 tackles and a sack in that win over Weaver State. So Utah BYU line up to seven now from Provo, Where are you on this one? I haven't played it. Not sure if I will, but I'd be inclined to look at the Utah in this game. I think that over the last five paid years, Utah has become the superior program to BYU, which had a long history of being the dominant program within the state of Utah, Talking about BYU, Utah, Utah state, BYU had been had been the lead program there by quite a bit. I think Utah. Not only has catched has caught up to them they've They've surpassed them. I like the Utah quarterback situation versus that of BYU. And I like Utah as a solid defensive team. Maybe a little bit better than BYU. I think BYU struggled a little bit more with Arizona. Perhaps they should have. I suppose you could use the same Well, why you was looking ahead to its game with Utah because of that rivalry, But I'm not so sure that That that would have affected their play against Arizona. I'm not Hold on Arizona this year. I think they're they're a candidate for the bottom of the Pac 12 South. All right, so real quick. Anthony Brown was fortunate that Oregon was able to get a turnover late and beat the Bulldogs. Fresno State coming back from 21 6 down very solid effort by the Bulldogs had arts in Stadium, Oregon. Now traveling to Columbus CJ Stranded company You know they trailed Minnesota in the second half as well. And you know some big defensive players there, including fumble return for a touchdown. Stroud finished up to 94 4 touchdowns. One pick Mayan. Williams had a big game nine carry 125 in a touchdown and overshadowed Master Teague when they get the ball six times. But when you have crystal lobby and Garrett Wilson That's a pretty solid 12 combo. Those guys, nine receptions, nearly 200 yards and three touchdowns, and they have record to the tight and God always be leery of him. Mitchell let him with 10 tackles. Who do you like? As far as the points Would you take Oregon and 14.5? Or do you want to lay that with Ohio State? I'm not sold on Anthony Brown. I mean, he wasn't bad in the game, but he wasn't Grady rushed for 56 yards 16 carries to get them to touch down on the ground. He threw for a touchdown as well as well as 1 72, but I don't know if he's a guy that's going to be able to stand in the pocket and beat Ohio State on the road. There's something that just tells me he's going to be under duress, and he's going to turn the ball over. Yeah, You know, I had Ohio's She had Minnesota last week, and I look good in the first half, and there was some controversy in the latter part of the game. So I guess maybe push who has the right result because it certainly looked. If they had played another quarter. Ohio State would have extended that lead. But of course, Minnesota suffered a couple of key injuries in that game, especially the season ending to Abraham, the running back. It was so much a part of that offence, but I was impressed with sprout shaky in the first half his first game on the road. Uh Big Stadium Conference foe. Surely made some halftime adjustments did the Buckeyes and they were clearly the dominant team in the second half and again that was on the road, which is something that you know they didn't have to face last year. And, of course he was not the quarterback last year is that quarterback is now going to be there for the For the Bears for quite some time, one would think nonetheless, uh, I don't want to lay points with Ohio State, but I'm not so sure Oregon is capable of covering this number because again you mentioned they played at home. They beat a Fresno State team that looked good the the week before when they won at 45. Nothing game I think was against UConn had ended up, ultimately causing natural to retire friends you can coach but, uh, now they're going on the road for the first time, and it's a difficult place to play. The numbers for me say that Oregon is worth taking. But the matchup suggest that I'm going to stay on the sidelines. Alright Pittsburgh and Tennessee. This is a big one for Brad powers he liked. Pit. I think they were underdogs in this game initially. Now they're up to a three point favorite. So BP movie and a half in some places, Yes, and that's key. Once you get over that three point that they're telling you, they're getting a lot of money on the Panthers. Uh, look, Narduzzi is not the Uh, the best coach. He's a good solid defense coordinator for years, and his teams you know, are generally very physical. Even at Pittsburgh. Kenny Pickett is still there. The Jersey kid comes off the nice when Pittsburgh so you know they they actually turned the ball over twice. Only got it back once last week. So, uh, you know, it's it's a tune up game there in Tennessee. You know, against bowling Green. They did what they needed to do Now, if Jill Milton struggles in this game, I think Hendon Hooker gets in. I mean, he's there. You have two quarterbacks. You might as well use them and I know Josh Heupel. He's somebody that will not Just sit back. If somebody struggling, they've got players. They've got high end until them in pretty good receivers. Evans and small in the backfield last week for Tennessee, combined for 2, 17 and a couple scores..

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