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Back. Yeah i wanna go back out and sec logo on cap. My phone had more messages about that moment than When i was hired as commissioner and then you know is here in in two thousand nineteen in really never anticipated staying through the weekend. I'll usually come in thursday friday friday saturday. And i just asked if i could come back on sunday with. Cbs again and they were gracious enough. And and so i was at eighteen for most of that that that day and you know it started early because there was weather coming. That's why i was decked out for slab. I was prepared man. I was prepared. And just to hear the roars and not know. Because if you don't attend you don't really understand what the scoreboards me not having your cell phone. There's video boards for. You're waiting for the the operators if you will to enter the scores manually and it may be five minutes after this roar before you figure out what's happening and and you just heard these eruptions around the the course when you sit on eighteen and then i was about probably twenty yards from the walkway after eighteen and watched literally down the aisle of chairs tiger and his family hogging in that moment. Just story that only sports can bring into do it in this environment and in in this atmosphere in this place Just elevated that story to something that none of us probably would have imagined as someone who is the leader of an absolute monster conglomerate with so many people that count on every decision you make. What does this type of environment like. What can you take from this type of environment that you can incorporate in your environment you start with being on the outside looking in the amount of respect you have for an institution and entity In the decision making and leadership And then i've always walked around carry a note pad and think about how they present Their their their sales to fans you know. If you want to buy a pullover a t-shirt we've had that conversation on our office..

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