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Dot com sonia ring content and wins and more sania the brock's news 1205 now the latest on but menendez let's go live to newark intented woods reporter blunt shock glenn uh john a pretty dramatic dramatic development again i apologise are actually just seeing some of us chairman and as his team going in the corum was tell you what barack i note came in from the jury to the judge about eleven thirty this morning center as came back here to court from his office he just a couple of blocks away and then the drama the jury saying they're still deadlocked and all of these eighteen counts john every single one they say they are unable to reach a verdict in this case or the defences and center menendezes immediately calling again for a miss trial and it appears at this is the direction were headed above the judge william wall saying that he wants a good now with the jury four men and interview them as to what's been firing in the jury room in these last couple of days so again the big development hero at the jury is saying they cannot reach a verdict on any of these eighteen counts at they're still deadlocked that they're hopelessly deadlocked in fact and senator menendez wants amiss trial the judge now we'll see what the jury foreman we'll keep you updated glenn chuck tent and winds live at newark federal court which news time twelve six fifty four degrees mostly sunny in new york we are going near fifty seven in midtown today the complete accuweather 4day forecast coming up in a matter of minutes warmer nfl player has been confirmed as the first living patient to be diagnosed with ct researchers don't name the player with the degenerative brain disease but the lead author tell cnn the patient was fred mcneil spent twelve seasons with the.

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