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Was this this and this and it wasn't his fault. And we still think he's smart and guy that that will connect with our quarterback. So yeah, I mean on the face of it, you know, gases performance in Miami doesn't lend itself to you know. Yes, come get another job real quick. But I mean, you know, who's getting and again, no offensive guys are getting these jobs, but the qualification level is not quite as high as we've seen in other years. I mean, you know, Matt with Fleur could be very very good in Green Bay. But he had one year as an offensive coordinator cliff. Kingsbury could be very very good in Arizona, but he comes got fired by Texas type a month ago. Like, you know, people are getting rushed into these jobs. I mean gaze at least has. Three years of head coach experience. So there there's there's that. Talking to Dan Graziano at Spain and fit Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz. Let's go to the dolphins. Then we're Adam gays came from what are you hearing about that team? Dolphins have interviewed a lot of people including several people who whose teams are still playing Chris Rashard who's running defense in Dallas Bryant Florus. I think is a guy who's we've heard connected there. He's in New England. They're interviewing their own special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi this week, and he's a dark horse candidate that as the support of the players. So yeah, I think I would expect that to take a while if they're looking at guys whose teams are still going, you know, if the Cowboys lose on Saturday, and Chris Rashard is the dolphins guy. Then maybe they haven't announcement next week. You know, if same thing as the patriots lose, and Brian floors is their guy. But I think they're looking at some guys who seasons are still going on..

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