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All news one six nine and AM seven forty KCBS CBS CBS news time ten fifty one. I'm John Evans. Deborah Ingersoll is editing tonight too. Big tech companies in San Francisco have gone public and more are lining up KCBS. Holly Kwon tells us one supervisor is looking to make sure the city shares in the success of IPO's eight years ago. San Francisco used to have a payroll tax of one and a half percent Bellina post recession movement to jump start the economy voters rolled it back now with tech being blamed for sky, high housing prices and jock lynching traffic. Supervisor Gordon mar wants to bring it back to ensure the city gets its piece of success restoring a one point five percent payroll tax on stock 'compensation income that existed in San Francisco prior to two thousand twelve with lift and Pinterest already. Trae. Publicly and Uber ready to list city officials estimate the massive employee payoff. Could mean an increase of nearly two percent in housing prices, very targeted tax breaks and tax handouts to grab the tech sector. San francisco. They've been very successful in. Now. I think it's an important moment that we look at kind of resetting, you know, what our priorities are here at the city and instead of tax breaks to the tech sector. We should ask them to actually pay their fair share mitigate impacts of their success. The new payroll tax could raise between one hundred and two hundred million dollars, which mar says could go towards expanding affordable housing and job training. So other residents can benefit from the boom in tech jobs, if okayed by the board, it would go to voters in November in San Francisco holy case to be at you musk says tesla will develop an electric leaf blower because the current loud ones on the market annoy him seeing that editor at large insured tells KCBS, Yvonne musk has been doing wacky stuff since I can remember, you know, he's the CEO of three companies the boring company. Tesla and SpaceX and one of the things he did a little while ago with the boring company, which the companies job extensively is to drill tunnels underneath cities to help ease. Congestion is that they came out with a flame thrower, which didn't really make sense from the company, but a lot of people had fun with it. We had a video on it. So now he says that tesla is going to develop a quiet electric leaf blower, which is not exactly a car. But you know, it it kind of is one of those things where he loves to kind of do wacky stuff. Scene editor largely insure on KCBS, and now to the Oscars where the academy Motion Picture Arts and sciences will not crack down on Netflix and other streaming platforms when it comes to being eligible for an Oscar. Here's KCBS can foster despite pressure from most of the major motion picture studios, and even Steven Spielberg, the academy's board made up of fifty four members decided to keep things status quo for now the question came up because of the net flicks movie Roma which Tacoma three Oscars, including best foreign language film net. Flicks. Only ran the movie for one week in theaters. But as Tim Gray with variety says that's the rule the academy is going to keep for now. The play in a feeder in LA county for a continuous week. And it has had three showings a day for for paid audiences Grace's Hollywood quietly protested alongside Spielberg I talked a lot of people in Hollywood who feel the way he does. But Steven Spielberg's the only one who has enough money to say to net flicks. No, you know, you can't get away with it. But I think a lot of people in Hollywood kind of quietly agree with him graces with the changing landscape of movies to streaming. The academy may be looking at this.

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