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Will by pauley and door met with they'll look forward i added voted in in in new year you don't want to about pauley deliver boohbooh aides the jolt on joe dimaggio song were benny betty bonnie and the less brown orchestra was recorded a 1941 so c c a then thank thank you peter new eddie joe girardi well when i worked amid day a public ninety five to two thousand gerardy he was on with us the number of times and we actually had him sing along with it rarely guy joe joe girardi oh we were word ours side and now we have that pauley but it may take up a wild the files that we have our thirty years in the making saad showed my friend and submarine confined its paul rosenberg on the other side of the glass it's amazing what he can find now from years ago already but if we can find a will play it for sure but anyway peter go ahead our as at all i wanted to just water you're my hero buddy route well you're a very kind then and i i always thicker at this what i tell my why this widow tell the guys at the other side of the guy so it's nice spirit carbon a gore's but i like to think that a lot of people will say something nice so they can get more airtime joe deals like that i know joe do joe di liked to be with the yankees all season long he was called for the head vijay road joe joe joe girardi all season boghead their the core is after they get the j guarding houston once they get to the american league championship series of water drawer do.

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