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Thirty eight minutes. Deft, one o'clock, seventy four degrees in the state capital. Beautiful day today. High today around seventy five to nice weather right now. Rain is definitely on the way. Starting on Wednesday. Sunday. Great lovers. I guess if you've got a wedding planned or something would be very happy. For me. Good news. Brackley he'll be here at two o'clock. He is from the chamber commerce, the president chamber of commerce Eric Lucero along with Valerie Montag two thirty today. Talk about jobs job, John and three o'clock today. State rep Andrea Romero. The phone stayed on for that entire break to record today phone, hopefully, they're still on. Call in talk about anything give it a shot five. Oh, five four two four twelve sixty. We'll give away some ice tickets today as well as boss gays ticket today, assuming the phones are working they're working when when we came back from the break could be off again, I don't know. Are you have until Friday? If you're creative type you have until Friday at five pm, you wanna get your your entries in for the poster contest and the official T.

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