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But. Call the right the. Your job press. You're supposed to stop people who Mark a c. for colored on vacations. Families that want to rent one of your apartments. That's your job is media Egan down when he wanted those are fibers genie executed. And the way he's treated women is an airline all the list. How do you ever even though havington's Illovo. Bill green lesson. From nineteen eighty nineteen eighty nine course on. Is actually razor, especially he. She said he ranked her. She said he reigns wanted a little in her book. Yeah, and he's done being bullied into walking back a little. She said he leaves her was emotionally raped her nose to honor. But I'm curious the one thing that you didn't delve into in the movie which I think would have been almost impossible. You said because it's only he's the Russian valium twenty sixteen election. He won technically by seventy thousand or so votes seventy seven thousand seven hundred and seventy four. Exactly what implants slid over three six and I went to Catholic and we know every body in the intelligence community has said that there's probably more than likely hockey and the thing is not to make something blamed by Leopold. It's to just push the numbers enough that they slide on. And I'm curious those ever on your bulletin board like he is. Of things he wants to pursue a little ranging from his billion brush him off. His is a debts that were, you know, relieved allegedly by the Russians to Russian Eileen Nealon Joe because. You mentioned at the beginning. Beautiful now on all that, but that's really just an for satirical purposes because we'll points one Ori. No, it well document. Now we've it's been in the news again, Rachel and the other shows have been great job putting that out there and and it hasn't mattered. All people have risen up. Seriously. If I were president in it was over, then you know him from North Korea will doing all this hacking work for me. Bird them racism. I'd probably be strong. That this coarsening question. So long house today is away. Away, and I think he is because he doesn't play that never looks like he's our all Jenny or feels. In. So so Moore. He's probably by law from indicting Trump's trouble. Over the house and Senate which ring are controlled by Republicans are going to do anything on it. And that'll be the end of that all done Robert Muller and peach and all that is on less unless everybody has her size has been one or two weekends over going to Elko. Then or Reno or flags down Vantaa call center know taking all to be a part of the. As you you. Everyone here lives within a half hour drive swing district you, but you also have you as we are most like, we're we're the best chance of getting them at London. Importer California. So there's forty million of you. We only need to go on it and. During the month of October and the first weekend of knock on doors and be involved in social, really upset about from room was impossibly gave him impeach. You have to make a commitment right now to give up a weekend and go do this work. Most people won't do that. They lives. A lot of people were very long hours jobs. Kids soccer is. So, you know, I tried to approach for myself all. All. You and wanna do. Approach this as if I were the French resistance. How I'm I think we have to structure mindset of the taser twenty miles outside of Los Angeles. And you know, it's if we need to act, we act immediately. You're all the pressure systems and the history walk practice. You know, you get, you know, you can't say to go Nazi bridge, but you know. You know, I love to go. They will, you know, blah, Edger convoy that's coming in. We have couples therapy, twos. Sorry, but. Six weeks just along wherever you're in a relationship with. Admit them of right now the his walk to practice, you get along with your partner and we will go to the in Arizona or anywhere that searchable valley. Yes, you do. Belly. This year's is beautiful. Verse commercial district as a wonderful one running Audrey. The worst Republican in congress that represents everything from that said, she goes to the the. Of counties that ought to do Oregon border. We go serve you with. We go up then. You know how wide and. The American river there a Russian ever. Everybody's gonna win..

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